Collection Management Committee Meeting: January 18, 2023

Zoom / Conference Call

Members attending: Chad Buckley, co-chair (Illinois State University), Janice Derr (Eastern Illinois University), Stephanie Fletcher (Illinois Institute of Technology), Jeannette Glover (Spoon River College), Jayna Leipart Guttilla, co-chair (Illinois Valley Community College), Erin Zimmerman (Heartland Community College)

Members absent: Gwen Gregory (Northern Illinois University), Carl Lehnen (University of Illinois Chicago), Kris Veldheer (Catholic Theological Union)

CARLI Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Jen Masciadrelli, Nicole Ream-Sotomayor, Jenny Taylor


  • Minutes from November meeting were approved.

Tasks Assigned

  • Erin Zimmerman takes today’s minutes, and Jeanette Glover will take minutes in June. With the cancelation of December’s meeting all members minutes tasks have been moved to the month following their originally scheduled date.


  • Member Announcements:
    • No Announcements
  • CARLI Announcements:
    • Slew of Professional Development events are on the CARLI calendar.
    • OER programming – Several events including OER Faculty Workshops, 3-week OER Course, and OER Open Office Hours on various topics are all on the CARLI calendar.
    • CARLI staff are meeting with the Ebook venders. Commitments are down from last year.
    • Beginning work on the FY24 E-Resources Selection Cycle.
    • CARLI staff have been in contact with ProQuest regarding Alexander Street Press content.
      • Paying access fees as opposed to subscription to the service
    • Commercial Products Committee is planning for an Open Access talk series
      • March 1 - 10am, April 6 - 1pm, May 3 - 10am
      • The committee is sending a survey out; responses will help lead the discussions.


  • Subcommittee Updates:
    • Archives Subcommittee:
      • Met and decided to send questions to archives experts to help finalize survey.
      • Survey planning to be sent out at the beginning of February to have responses by March 1.
    • Open Access Subcommittee:
      • Met with volunteers members from Collection Management Committee, Commercial Products Committee, Technical Services Committee, and Discovery Primo VE Committee. The session was recorded for absent members.
      • CARLI staff have created a spreadsheet of possible network zone collection.
      • Subcommittee members will review collections within 2 weeks as new collections are identified.
      • They are considering what would fit the consortium and/or individual institutions.
    • Weeding eBooks Subcommittee:
      • The group is specifically looking at Medical and Psychology books in the old NetLibrary/currently EBSCOHost collections to see which might may be useful. They plan to review other portions of the collection.
    • DEI Continuing Education Programming Subcommittee:
      • No Update
  • The committee had a brief discussion about libraries purchasing physical textbooks to put on reserve for students needing accommodations – specifically for institutions that have etext programs. Current practice as some committee member institutions include:
    • Purchasing only faculty requests/not student requests
    • Do not purchase textbooks; all ebooks
    • Operating through the bookstore

Next Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The Collection Management Committee will meet next on February 15, 2023, at 9:00.

Committee Meetings:
February 15, 2023, Minutes: Gwen Gregory
March 15, 2023, Minutes: Jayna Leipart Guttilla
April 19, 2023, Minutes: Carl Lehnen
May 17, 2023, Minutes: Kris Veldheer
June 21, 2023, Minutes: Jeanette Glover