Collection Management Committee Meeting: November 16, 2022

Zoom / Conference Call

Members attending: Chad Buckley, co-chair (Illinois State University), Janice Derr (Eastern Illinois University), Stephanie Fletcher (Illinois Institute of Technology), Jeannette Glover (Spoon River College), Gwen Gregory (Northern Illinois University), Carl Lehnen (University of Illinois Chicago), Kris Veldheer (Catholic Theological Union), Erin Zimmerman (Heartland Community College)

Member absent: Jayna Leipart Guttilla, co-chair (Illinois Valley Community College)

CARLI Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Jen Masciadrelli, Nicole Ream-Sotomayor, Jenny Taylor


  • The October 19, 2022 minutes were approved.
  • The Committee decided to form a subcommittee to look at DEI continuing education programming. Gwen, Chad, Stephanie, Elizabeth and Jen are on the subcommittee.
  • We will not meet in December. Our next meeting is on January 18, 2023.

Tasks Assigned

  • Minutes taken by Janice Derr.


  • Member Announcements: None
  • CARLI Announcements:
    • Elizabeth reported that the CARLI Annual Meeting had sponsors, with funds going to CARLI scholarships for those attending library school at the U of I. This year three scholarships were given out.
    • CARLI is beginning work on its new strategic plan.
    • The fourth year of CARLI Counts has been announced. CARLI is funding the program this year. The deadline to apply is December 1st. This year the program is open to new and previous participants.
    • There are four proposed changes to the CARLI bylaws. Governing Member directors will vote on the changes.
    • CARLI has hired Annie Serrano, a new staff member in System Services.
    • On November 14th, Elizabeth sent out an email about the FY24 CARLI Ebook Program. This year the program will be member-funded and included in the selection system. There are four online informational sessions scheduled for those who have questions.
    • Jen reported that the CARLI Board approved eight new I-Share libraries. They are the Chicago History Museum, Chicago Theological Seminary, City Colleges of Chicago, College of Lake County, Elgin Community College, Illinois College of Optometry, Prairie State College, and Saint John's College of Nursing. CARLI will hire U of I grad assistants to help members with their Alma migration.
    • Jenny reported that the calendar year selection system is now closed.
    • Chad provided a brief update on the committee’s work at the CARLI Annual Meeting.
    • At the Annual Meeting, it was announced that in FY24, the University of Illinois Press will provide journal access to CARLI member libraries.
    • Jen and Elizabeth created a Box space for the Collection Management Committee members to work collaboratively. An email invitation was sent to all members inviting them to join.


  • The Archives Subcommittee is hosting an online discussion on November 17th to discuss archival practices. Notes will be taken so issues can be documented and discussed by the subcommittee.
  • The Open Access Subcommittee is planning to meet soon.
  • The Weeding Ebooks Subcommittee is reviewing a list of titles, making recommendations on which titles to weed and which to retain.
  • Chad asked if there are any additional projects the committee would like to work on. Elizabeth attended a DEI session at ILA and reported that academic libraries in the state are working on diversity audits. The group discussed the value of hosting a webinar on the topic, and Gwen, Chad, and Stephanie volunteered to find speakers and organize a program tentatively scheduled this spring.

Next Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The Collection Management Committee will meet next on January 18, 2023, at 9:00.

Committee Meetings:
January 18, 2023, Minutes: Jeanette Glover
February 15, 2023, Minutes: Gwen Gregory
March 15, 2023, Minutes: Jayna Leipart Guttilla
April 19, 2023, Minutes: Carl Lehnen
May 17, 2023, Minutes: Kris Veldheer
June 21, 2023, Minutes: Erin Zimmerman