Collection Management Committee Meeting: September 7, 2022

Zoom / Conference Call

Members attending: Chad Buckley, co-chair (Illinois State University), Janice Derr (Eastern Illinois University), Stephanie Fletcher (Illinois Institute of Technology), Jeannette Glover (Spoon River College), Gwen Gregory (Northern Illinois University), Jayna Leipart Guttilla, co-chair (Illinois Valley Community College), Carl Lehnen (University of Illinois Chicago), Kris Veldheer (Catholic Theological Union), Erin Zimmerman (Heartland Community College)

CARLI Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Jen Masciadrelli, Nicole Ream-Sotomayor, Jenny Taylor


  • The June 15, 2022 minutes were approved.
  • The committee will use Box this year.
  • Our monthly meetings will be held the third Wednesday of every month from 9-10:30. Meetings that fall on a holiday will be rescheduled.
  • Sub-committee topics for this academic year:
  • Archives, subcommittee members will be Erin, Jayna, and Kris
  • Open Access Collections, committee members to serve on a CARLI joint committee group will be Carl and Stephanie
  • Weeding E-Books, subcommittee members will be Chad, Janice, and Jeannette
  • The committee will continue to discuss DEI (Diversity Audits), Shelf-Reading, and Streaming Media.

Tasks Assigned

  • Minutes taken by Stephanie Fletcher.
  • Elizabeth & Jen will move the committee’s work content from Google into Box.
  • Chad will take minutes in October, and we will continue alphabetically by last name.
  • Elizabeth will create calendar invites for our upcoming meetings.


  • Member Announcements:
    • Chad Buckley (Illinois State University): The library has purchased online ProQuest newspaper access to replace microform.
  • CARLI Announcements:
    • The committee email list was updated. There is a public collections related email list ( for CARLI members and you can subscribe yourself if you’re interested.
    • CARLI has hired two new people (reporting to Jenny and Jen) and is working on one more hire.
    • The in-person CARLI Annual Meeting is November 4, 2022. There are hotel rooms at the iHotel available for November 3.
    • CARLI has put out a call to add new members to I-Share.
    • The second round of sub-grants for the U.S. Department of Education Illinois SCOERs grant is open.
    • There are e-resources and Professional Development Alliance programs on the CARLI calendar this semester.
    • CARLI will have a new office on Interstate Drive.
    • Perpetual access for consortial e-book titles have been selected, and CARLI is waiting for vendors to confirm. There is no contract for this program in FY24. There is interest from members to continue consortial e-book purchasing. CARLI will be asking members to participate and contribute for FY24.
    • The E-Resources team is working on brokering for CY23. Selection system should be open around October 7, 2022. They are working with MIT Press for a new license.


  • The committee discussed how it wants to organize our documents: Google or Box. Other CARLI committees use Box. When editing a document in Box, you need to lock the old document and then upload the new one. Jen and Elizabeth can offer a tutorial of Box for the committee.
  • There were no questions about the Committee Charge and Guidelines.
  • We discussed the monthly meeting time and agreed on the third Wednesday of the month. Members are interested in an in-person meeting, possibly at IVCC, UIUC, or ISU. Members have offered to carpool. We will continue the discussion for the next few months.
  • The committee reviewed past and ongoing sub-committee projects.
  • CARLI staff have been discussing ways to manage open access collections that incorporate member input on what collections are available via the shared catalog especially considering they are being added continuously by Ex Libris. CARLI staff seek to create a group with representatives from across CARLI committees. The process would start with CARLI staff  sharing a list of new NZ collections that have been vetted to meet the open access collection development policy with this group. The Group would review the collections to determine if they are of value to members. Work could mostly be done asynchronously by email. Carl and Stephanie expressed interest in participating.
  • Chad led a discussion about goals and committee work for this year:
    • Review past e-book programs and assess current usage. The NetLibrary purchased content currently lives in EBSCO and access is single-user in-browser with no checkouts. The collection is very dated. We could reorganize and rename the collection to indicate it’s a historical collection. There is no way to remove the record from Primo VE.
    • At one of the library listening sessions held by CARLI for library directors, archives was a topic of interest to several member institutions, but there is currently not a committee that addresses these concerns. The committee discussed interest in this topic themselves and for their institutions noting that they need help with the topic and/or they don’t have an archivist so these tasks falls to those that don’t have an archives background. Two areas of concern are policy and practice. The committee would like to see notes from the listening session archives that concern CARLI members. The Preservation Committee is planning to focus their work this year on the preservation of archival materials.
    • We would need time to develop an instruction program for Analytics and such a program would be difficult because every institution needs specific data.
    • Members could use a program about shelf-reading. Jen has been updating CARLI documentation about this but it would be useful to get more feedback from institutions about their shelf-reading successes/challenges and how this impacts their collection management decisions.
    • Asked if we have looked at Find More Illinois for loans from public libraries. Carl can find more information about this program’s impacts at UIC. Jen will investigate this topic internally within CARLI.
    • Libraries are interested in diversity audits for collections. This topic arose in the DEI sub-committee last year. Last year, librarians from Augustana College and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign presented a two-part program on diversity audits last year for Infobase called, “Who Are We Missing? Diversity Audits to Assess Academic Library Collections.”
    • Interested in topics that consider cost-per-use analysis and streaming film. Other members are interested in exploring streaming film topics such as platforms, consortial access, spending and usage restrictions, and customer service. Jenny reported that Kanopy has offered a subscription to CARLI (academic-based and flat pricing but it excludes the Criterion Collection) and the Commercial Products Committee is discussing options.

Next Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The Collection Management Committee will meet next on October 19, 2022 @ 9:00am CT.

Committee Meetings:
October 19, 2022, Minutes: Chad Buckley
November 16, 2022, Minutes: Janice Derr
December 21, 2022, Minutes: Jeanette Glover
January 18, 2023, Minutes: Gwen Gregory
February 15, 2023, Minutes: Jayna Leipart Guttilla
March 15, 2023, Minutes: Carl Lehnen
April 19, 2023, Minutes: Kris Veldheer
May 17, 2023, Minutes: Erin Zimmerman
June 21, 2023, Minutes: Stephanie Fletcher