Collection Management Committee Meeting: June 16, 2021

Zoom / Conference Call

Members present: David Bell, co-chair, (Eastern Illinois University), Dan Blewett, co-chair, (College of DuPage), Chad Buckley (Illinois State University), Kelli Getz (DePaul University), Lorene Kennard (University of St. Francis), Scott Thompson (Rush University)

Members absent: Keith Eiten (Wheaton College), Niamh McGuigan (Loyola University Chicago)

CARLI Staff present: Elizabeth Clarage, Jennifer Masciadrelli, Jennifer Taylor

Tasks Assigned

  • David Bell took minutes.
  • Dan will contact Niamh and Keith to ask if either of them has interest in being the committee co-chair.
  • CARLI staff will add Weeding Ebook Recommendations to the CARLI website.


  • Review of May minutes – Minutes tabled temporarily. They will be submitted by Eiten soon for email edits and approval by email before next meeting.
  • Committee membership and leadership for next fiscal year were discussed.
    • Eiten, Kennard, and Thompson are returning. Dan Blewett will serve for an additional year. Buckley and McGuigan will serve two additional years.
    • Call for volunteer to serve as chair:
      • No one present at the meeting volunteered to serve as chair. Eiten and McGuigan will be asked if they would be willing to co-chair. Blewett volunteers to be a co-chair. If both Eiten and McGuigan agree to co-chair, then Dan will step back.
      • (After the meeting, Eiten was contacted and agreed to serve as a co-chair. Blewett and Eiten will co-chair the committee for the coming year.)
  • Committee approved the Weeding Ebook Recommendations.


  • CARLI Updates:
    • There will be an all-CARLI committee meeting in mid-July for all serving on committees.
    • Consortial Ebooks
      • Members will have access to all of Wiley. We have access to 22,000+ titles through Alma/Primo VE. They will be available before the end of June.
      • Clarage is compiling usage data for Oxford and UP eBooks. Masciadrelli – University Press titles are being prepared for activation. It will happen automatically. Libraries won't have to do anything for the transition. It all happens in the Alma Network Zone. Permalinks to titles will transition smoothly and remain the same.
      • Collection name will include name of publisher (Wiley, Oxford, etc.) and a note to indicate when access to the title ends
      • Perpetual access will be provided for a list of titles selected by usage and by member libraries.
    • CARLI got a USDE grant for an open textbook pilot. Staff are working through details.
    • Taylor reports that there were not a lot of changes in library selection of databases. They are working with vendors to get Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) documents updated.
  • Member Updates:
    • Bell (EIU) – EIU Library is in the process of hiring a “first-year experience, student success” librarian.
    • Kennard (USF) – She has been working on weeding and adjusting shelves. It looks so much nicer and the board at the college is pleased with the project. Social media push for the library getting going- blog, etc.
    • Buckley (ISU) –  Kanopy has been out of control on cost. The Library went totally mediated until end of June. Then going with their smart PDA program with three different pools of titles.
    • Getz (DePaul)– Library staff returning to in-person work after lifting of COVID-19 precautions. Phased approach starting in July. There has been a hiring freeze in place since April of 2020. It is being lifted in July and hiring process will begin.
    • Thompson (Rush)– Hiring freeze still in place. Staff down by 1/3 through layoffs and attrition. Has had a reduction to the library budget. Staff wants to come back to work, but also maintain some work-from-home days. Comments on Alma transition - we are all going through it together. He coordinates informally with group of medical school library directors, and it has been very helpful to work collaboratively. He recommends that other libraries form similar coalitions.
    • Blewett (COD)-- Library has been closed during COVID and has offered grab-and-go circulation. Now there is a push to reopen quickly. Some support staff have left, and not sure if hiring will be possible. Staffing is the big issue with reopening with people working remotely. Thompson sympathizes on sudden push to quickly reopen. It seems to be a widespread trend.


  • Subcommittee Updates:
    • Committee discussed the draft Weeding Ebook Recommendations. Subcommittee members provided context and information about the document creation. Committee accepted the draft recommendations. CARLI staff will add to the CARLI website.
  • Activities for Coming Year
    • The committee will plan future activities at their first meeting, most likely in August.

Next Meeting and Deadlines

CARLI Staff will poll members for the 2021-2022 first committee meeting.