Collection Management Committee Meeting: December 16, 2020

Zoom / Conference Call

Members present: David Bell, co-chair, (Eastern Illinois University), Dan Blewett, co-chair, (College of DuPage), Chad Buckley (Illinois State University), Keith Eiten (Wheaton College), Kelli Getz (DePaul University), Paolo Gujilde (Northwestern University), Lorene Kennard (University of St. Francis), Niamh McGuigan (Loyola University Chicago), Scott Thomson (Rush University)

Board Liaison present: Taran Ley (Southern Illinois University School of Medicine)

CARLI Staff present: Elizabeth Clarage, Jennifer Masciadrelli, Nicole Ream-Sotomayor, Jennifer Taylor

Tasks Assigned

  • Niamh McGuigan will take minutes.
  • The Committee will discuss details about the format for the February collections discussion meeting.
    • David volunteered to talk about streaming media at Eastern Illinois University for that meeting.


  • November minutes provisionally approved. Suggestions for edits should be sent to David by Monday, Dec. 21, 2020.
  • The Committee decided to host Zoom collections chats for CARLI members in February, March, and April.
    • Tentative dates and times are:
      • February 11, 3:00pm
      • March 12, 11:00am
      • April 14, 3:00pm
    • Each meeting will be scheduled for 60 minutes, with the option to leave the room open for an additional 30 minutes with some committee members to continue the discussion if there is interest.
    • For each meeting, we’ll have one predetermined discussion topic, and use a live poll of attendees to determine secondary topics.
    • We’ll use the registration form to gather ideas about topics, to populate the poll.
    • One of the topics for the February meeting will be streaming media.


  • CARLI is talking with Oxford University Press and Wiley to see what a second year of the ebook PDA project might look like.
  • Lorene reported that the University of St. Francis is finally conducting a much-needed collection inventory, and the inventory module of Alma is proving very useful.
  • Paolo reported that Northwestern University is running a JSTOR PDA project.
  • David reported that Eastern Illinois is utilizing the Unpaywall module through Primo.


  • Review of December 11 Zoom chat, Informal Chat with the CARLI Collection Management Committee: Looking Back to Move Forward: Reflecting on a Challenging Year in Collection Management
    • Survey feedback was very positive.
    • Participants were very active in the discussion.
    • There was a lot of interest expressed in discussing budget issues and streaming media.
  • Discussion of future Zoom chats
    • The Committee is eager to continue these chats.
    • See “Decisions” section of these minutes for more details.
  • Subcommittee Updates and Discussion
    • Alma Analytics
      • No Updates at this time
    • Collection Development Help – Consultant Directory
      • No Updates at this time
    • Weeding Ebooks
      • No Updates at this time
  • 2020-2021 Activities
    • Committee Re-envisioning document
      • Final Version due March 1
  • Open Access Ebooks
    • There may be an opportunity to discuss how CARLI manages Open Access Ebook collections, particularly for libraries that are not in I-Share.
    • There could be a webinar with Technical Services to teach libraries about how to activate collections.  

Next Meeting and Deadlines

  • Next meeting will be Wednesday, January 20 from 9:30 – 11:00am
  • Upcoming CMC Zoom Chats:
    • February 11, 3:00pm
    • March 12, 11:00am
    • April 14, 3:00pm
  • Re-envisioning/Reevaluating our Role in CARLI (Internal Review), Important Dates
    • Final Report Due: Monday, March 1, 2021