Collection Management Committee Meeting: November 13, 2019

Conference call

Members attending: David Bell, co-chair (Eastern Illinois University), Daniel Blewett, co-chair (College of DuPage), Chad Buckley (Illinois State University), Keith Eiten (Wheaton College), Kelli Getz (DePaul University), Paolo Gujilde (Northwestern University), Taran Ley, Board liaison (SIU School of Medicine Library), Gretchen Schneider (Oakton Community College), Scott Thomson (Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science)

Member absent: Lorene Kennard (University of St. Francis)

CARLI staff present: Elizabeth Clarage and Jennifer Masciadrelli


  • None


  • CARLI Updates
    • A one-page report was prepared for the CARLI Annual Meeting which is this Friday.  Gretchen noted that her suggestions were submitted late and that mention of the status of Voyager statistics/Alma Analytics for Collection Development should be added, if possible.
    • CARLI staff are currently focusing on preparations for the Annual Meeting.
    • Alma migration – Those who have been certified should be receiving their individual log-ins.
    • Delivery of the Primo VE interface is expected this week.  Open Office Hours tomorrow will focus on Primo VE.
  • Member Announcements
    • David Bell, co-chair (Eastern Illinois University)
      • Martin Dionne, the Public & Governmental Affairs Officer for Quebec gave a presentation on diplomacy.
    • Daniel Blewett, co-chair (College of DuPage)
      • They lost an adjunct librarian and are looking for a new part-time reference librarian.
      • They are also investigating purchase of a new business resource about cannabis.
    • Chad Buckley (Illinois State University)
      • The library is currently installing compact shelving which will soon house a large portion of the collection which has been in storage for the past two years.
    • Keith Eiten (Wheaton College)
      • Received his Alma login yesterday and will be checking on the status of data clean-up.
      • The board is looking at ways to cut costs.
    • Kelli Getz (DePaul University)
      • The library has converted a meeting room into a student art showcase space.
      • Finals begin Monday since they are on the quarter system.
      • Searches for several positions are ongoing.
    • Paolo Gujilde (Northwestern University)
      • They are searching for a User Experience Librarian.
    • Taran Ley (SIU School of Medicine Library)
      • They are purchasing a large 3D printer for medical uses.
      • Alma migration is continuing.
    • Gretchen Schneider, (Oakton Community College)
      • The college recognized years of service which included two librarians, one of which was Gretchen with 20 years.
    • Scott Thomson (Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science)
      • The Council of Illinois Medical School Libraries met at Northwestern recently.
      • A research park is being built near Rosalind Franklin, and they are looking into whether they can provide access to library resources when researchers are not directly affiliated with the university.

Tasks Assigned

  • Chad will take minutes this month. Scott will take minutes next month.


  • Open Access eBooks
    • Two suggestions for additions were made, and the group is looking into others.
    • It was noted that some eBook producers have embargoes prior to titles becoming open access.
  • Weeding eBooks
    • The subgroup has not met since the last CMC meeting.
    • Their next meeting is scheduled for November 22, 2019.
  • Alma Analytics
    • The subgroup has nothing new to report at this time.
    • They will meet again on December 10, 2019.
  • Streaming Videos and Data Sets
    • Elizabeth indicated that Jenny Taylor shared that CARLI is working on brokering more data and streaming video products.
  • Collection Development Help
    • This group has not met since the last CMC meeting.
    • They will look into creating a list of potential consultants on collection development issues.
    • Elizabeth noted that IACRL reported they are working on creating a directory of experts.  David will follow up with IACRL to determine if there is overlap between the two projects.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Kelli inquired about whether CARLI maintains a list of end-of-calendar-year discounts for electronic resources.  Elizabeth and Jen suggested checking with Jenny Taylor or contacting

Next Meeting and Deadlines

The next meeting will be December 11 from 9:30-11am.