Collection Management Committee Meeting: December 13, 2018

Conference Call / Adobe Connect

Members attending: Connie James-Jenkin (Illinois Math and Science Academy), Daniel Blewett, co-chair (College of DuPage), David Bell (Eastern Illinois University), Chad Buckley (Illinois State University), Paolo Gujilde (National Louis University), Kimberly Shotick (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Members absent: Kelli Getz (DePaul University), Michelle Oh (Northeastern Illinois University), Gretchen Schneider, co-chair (Oakton Community College)

CARLI staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Jennifer Masciadrelli


  • CARLI Update
    • CARLI office will be closed from December 24th to January 1st. The office will reopen January 2, 2019.
    • OER Task Force had a successful open conference call with another call scheduled for January 15th; Registration will be required.
    • Created Content Committee will have a linked data webinar series starting February.
    • CARLI Request for Information (RFI) for ebooks will focus on pricing model instead of ebook database pricing. CARLI will send RFI to vendors.
    • Open Textbook Library records are available for the local catalog. Records will be updated 3 times a year.
    • Consortial ebooks usage: as in the past, institutions can asked CARLI office for granular statistics. However, COUNTER BR1 reports are available for the institutions in the ProQuest LibCentral admin site to which all members now have access.
  • Member announcements:
    • Connie at Illinois Math and Science Academy
      • No new information; Semester ended.
    • Dan at College of DuPage
      • OER Summit at College of DuPage was successful.
      • There were over 200 participants in the summit including librarians and teaching Faculty with only 14 registrants not in attendance. At least 41 community colleges in Illinois were represented. Space were also available for CARLI members and some were able to attend.
      • The President of COD welcomed the attendees. Some speakers came from Oregon, Arizona, and the OpenStax network.
      • Multiple consortia in Illinois planned to coordinate as to not duplicate efforts in OER.  
    • David at Eastern Illinois University
      • EIU will move to centralized servers for the entire institution. Maintenance to the servers will no longer be local to the library.
    • Kimberly at Illinois Institute of Technology
      • Two librarians left the institution (Electronic Resources Librarian and Metadata Librarian). They received an NEH Grant awarded specifically for archives.
    • Chad at Illinois State University
      • Search is open for Head of Cataloging and Acquisitions. They are currently working on Collection Development plan including space, weeding, etc.
    • Paolo at National Louis University
      • Kendall College library completely integrated to National Louis University library.

Tasks Assigned

  • Paolo Gujilde took minutes.
  • Connie will take minutes next month.
  • Elizabeth will make edits as noted to the textbook and curriculum materials survey.


  • November meeting minutes were approved.
  • OA Subcommittee will review the potential additions to the consortial OA collection using the criteria that was identified for the collection development policy.
  • Survey revisions:
    • What is your current institutional procedure for textbooks?
    • Outside of library programs, how do students acquire textbooks at your institution?
    • Can you provide an approximate percentage of the textbooks that are acquired?
    • What is your methodology for selecting which courses or textbooks are available in your textbook reserve program (for example, all undergraduate books are available, etc.)?
    • Is there a price limit to purchases for materials in this collection? (MAKE THIS QUESTION LOGIC)
      • Yes
      • No
      • IF YES, Do you have a policy that indicates the price limits? Please describe how this is determined.
        • Are there other requirements that limit adding materials to your textbook reserve collection, such as format (workbooks, ebooks, etc.)?
    • Are there any types of materials that the library does not purchase for the textbook collection (workbooks, eBooks, etc)?
    • Do you have suggestions for what might be done at the consortial level through CARLI (for what? Ex. making textbooks more available to students?)


  • Current Project Updates:
    • Change Management Forum
      • CARLI Technical Services Committee are working on the forum with Kellie Getz and Dan representing CARLI Collection Management Committee. The forum will be held in UIC in the Spring. At this time, multiple breakout sessions especially in the afternoon can be accommodated.
    • Open Access eBooks – Connie
      • We have a spreadsheet of OA eBook collections that we can potentially add to I-Share:
      • The OA subcommittee thinks that each of the collections should be reviewed for quality based on the spreadsheet categories which include criteria gathered from the survey results.
      • Committee members agree that the subcommittee can just bring the recommended collections periodically to CMC for final approval.
      • When OER ebooks are added to CARLI Catalog, libraries can request to have local versions of the record be removed from their local catalog.
      • When Alma is implemented, processes will be different.
    • Purchased eBooks Statistics
      • In progress.
    • Textbook Reserves
      • Elizabeth is preparing the survey, but comments and feedback are needed.
      • Kimberly will make some changes to the questions based on feedback from her colleagues.
      • Elizabeth will do the edits.
    • UB Stats
      • Jen mentioned that the Resource Sharing Committee is interested in this topic, and may want to help us with this project.
      • Some ideas for presentations or webinars include ILL statistics looking into gaps in collections using EIS Reports.
      • Is it necessary to provide an intensive training (i.e. webinar) as opposed to just providing a guide?
      • Chad suggested a webinar or documentation to help with using UB stats for collection development.
      • Conspectus can be used instead of call numbers.
      • Are research libraries still using conspectus?
      • Some are still using it, including Illinois State University.
      • It is a useful tool.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be a conference call on Thursday, January 10, 9:30 - 11:00 am.