Collection Management Committee Meeting: August 14, 2018

Conference Call / Adobe Connect

Members attending: Dan Blewett (College of DuPage), co-chair, Chad Buckley (Illinois State University), Kelli Getz (DePaul University), Paolo Gujilde (National-Louis University), Michelle Oh (Northeastern Illinois University), Gretchen Schneider, co-chair (Oakton Community College), Kimberly Shotick (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Members absent: David Bell (Eastern Illinois University), Connie James-Jenkin (Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy)

CARLI staff present: Elizabeth Clarage, Anne Craig

CARLI staff absent: Jennifer Masciadrelli


  • Member updates:
    • The College of DuPage Library is expanding their media lab.
    • Ellen Sutton, a former library dean at the College of DuPage, has passed away.
    • Illinois State University is rebuilding the space outside the library entrance including replacing the concrete.
    • Oakton Community College has a program, “Oakton Voices” to act out and share voices that are not typically heard including employee voices.
    • The annual staff retreat is coming up for DePaul University.
    • There are two positions that are available at DePaul University Libraries, an AUL for IT/Tech and an Assistant Coordinator for Instruction.
    • This fall, the Illinois Institute of Technology has its largest incoming freshman class.
    • Northeastern Illinois University continues its Library Dean search.
    • National-Louis University has acquired Kendall College. The library will be incorporating its collection.
  • CARLI updates:
    • The I-Share Next RFP process is moving forward.
    • CARLI has a new staff member, Bradley Woodruff, in its Systems Services area.
    • CARLI’s budget was not cut and included enough for salary increases.
    • The new CARLI Strategic Plan includes an emphasize collaboration between the Board and committees.
    • Open Educational Resources Task Force is ongoing.
    • CARLI Annual is November 2nd.

Tasks Assigned

  • Kimberly Shotick took minutes.
  • Elizabeth and Jennifer will create a Doodle poll for the year’s meetings, focusing on mornings 9:30 to 11 a.m.


  • July 2018 minutes were approved.
  • The meeting schedule for the rest of the year will be determined after a Doodle poll.
  • The committee decided to discuss the annual project at the in-person meeting in September.


  • The previous CMC projects were discussed to give new members an overview of the committee’s previous work.

Next Meetings

  • In person, September 19 (Wednesday) from 10:00-3:30 at Northeastern Illinois University Ronald Williams Library.
    • Call in option will also be available.
  • Subsequent meetings will be determined via a Doodle poll.