Collection Management Committee Meeting: August 24, 2017


Members attending: Deb Blecic, co-chair (University of Illinois at Chicago), Daniel Blewett (College of DuPage), Chad Buckley (Illinois State University), Connie James-Jenkin (Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy), Michelle Oh (Northeastern Illinois University), Gretchen Schneider, co-chair (Oakton Community College), Kimberly Shotick (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Members absent: Teri Embrey (Pritzker Military Museum and Library), Niamh McGuigan (Loyola University Chicago)

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage

Staff absent: Jen Masciadrelli

Tasks Assigned

  • Gretchen Schneider took minutes.
  • Elizabeth will set up a Doodle poll for future meetings. It must be completed by August 23rd.
  • Dan and Michelle will review the CARLI Scholarly Communication Web Page.
  • Deb will work on a draft for our one page report for the CARLI Annual Meeting.
  • Kimberly Shotick will take minutes next month.


  • Minutes from July 2017 meeting were approved.
  • In person meeting will be September 28th, 10 a.m.—3 p.m. at the College of DuPage. CARLI will be providing lunch.
  • Will finalize goals at the in-person meeting in September.


  • CARLI Update:
    • The state has a budget but CARLI has not received its budget information .
    • The Last Copy Program is going strong, as several libraries are doing weeding projects.
    • Strategic planning is ongoing.
    • The procurement legislation for exemption of library materials passed without an end date.
  • Member announcements:
    • The Social Sciences Bibliographer retired and the Health Sciences Bibliographer resigned at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
    • There is a new interim dean, Shari Zeck, at Illinois State University.
    • Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is moving and eliminating their reference collection.
    • Northeastern Illinois University is constructing the language for hiring a dean. There was a nice memorial service for Dave Green.


  • Collaborative Collection Development Updates
    • Literature: Work continues on the Open Access eBook Selection Criteria list.
    • One Time Purchase: They are collating what was accomplished last year and looking to see if there are more unique titles in the collection as a result of these purchases.
    • Education: No updates.
  • Setting Goals for the next year
    • Collaborative Collection Development
      • Continue current groups.
      • Add open access options. Determine how open access works with CARLI, what our options are, how we manage it, transparency, and awareness.
      • Develop assessment strategies.
    • Annual Project – Open Access Options in CARLI
      • Look into the rules for adding open access titles.
      • Develop open access selection criteria checklist.
      • How does open access work in the I-Share catalog?
        • If institutions add titles, other institutions will not see them. Is there a way to develop a different way to add these as a collection?
        • Ask the Technical Services Committee if they are interested in developing a way to add titles to the I-Share collection as open access books and setting up guidelines on how to do it. Elizabeth will look into how it can be done and talk to the committee.
        • Weeding criteria: Should titles be kept for historical purposes or weeded to keep the collection current? Is there a way that libraries could choose to not show titles that are dated?
        • If open access titles are housed in the I-Share catalog, how can you tell if the title is open access versus a paid for ebook only available to a specific institution?
        • Is there any tie-ins with the open textbook network membership?
        • We will continue to brainstorm other questions to consider at our next meeting.
        • We will set up a Box document to add questions to look into and thoughts on this project.
  • Scholarly Communication Web Page Update
    • Dan and Michelle looked through all the links and updated one.
    • Next step is looking to see what can be added.
    • Revisions should be sent to Elizabeth.
    • Additions should be sent to the group to review before being added.
  • CARLI Annual Meeting Presentation
    • The one page report is due November 17th. Deb will come up with a draft that we will review at our in person meeting.
    • Deb and Gretchen volunteered to co-present.
    • We need 8 slides for the presentation.
  • ILA Presentation
    • The group presenting set up a meeting time to work on this project.

Next Meeting

To be determined