Collection Management Committee Meeting: May 4, 2017

Conference Call / Adobe Connect / Box

Members attending: Deb Blecic, co-chair (University of Illinois at Chicago), Teri Embrey (Pritzker Military Museum and Library), Connie James-Jenkin (Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy), Niamh McGuigan (Loyola University Chicago), Michelle Oh (Northeastern Illinois University), Gretchen Schneider (Oakton Community College), Kimberly Shotick, co-chair (Illinois Institute of Technology).

Members absent: Stephen McMinn (University of Illinois at Springfield)

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Jen Masciadrelli

Tasks Assigned

  • Niamh McGuigan took minutes.
  • Connie and Gretchen will update the CARLI Scholarly Communications webpage.
  • Elizabeth will confirm the ProQuest (EBL) purchase order will be open for next year so that members may make purchases.
  • Members will make final updates to the Annual Project on Box by Monday, May 8th, Deb and Kimberly will finish editing the project by May 12th.
  • All committee members will take a last look at the Annual Report.
  • All committee members will think about chair duties for the June meeting.


  • The meeting was called to order at 9:05 on Thursday, May 4, 2017.
  • The April minutes were approved with minor grammatical updates.
  • The  committee decided to meet at 10 am on June 1.
  • The meeting concluded at 11:00am on Thursday, May 4, 2017.


  • CARLI update:
    • There is no budget news.
    • It is confirmed that Academic Search Complete will be made available to CARLI libraries for the next fiscal year.
    • The Last Copy Project is now known as the Last Copy Program.
  • Member announcements:
    • Gretchen shared the LibGuide that she created for eRead Illinois.
    • The Illinois Institute of Technology Library has determined that it is currently unable to collect to support research and is now focusing on supporting their curriculum.  The IIT Library has received a donation from Motorola of 10,000 technical books. Many are unique. The library will be cataloging and adding the materials to I-Share.
    • Loyola will be closing their library at the Rogers Park campus for HVAC renovations for the summer. All staff are moving to their Information Commons. They will be losing floor space for the new system. They are working on a major weeding project.  They have two open searches for vacant positions.
    • Northeastern Illinois University as a state institution still has budget issues. All staff took eight furlough days this semester. Their library director is retiring.  They do have searches open for three positions.
    • The library director at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is retiring at the end of June.
    • The Pritkzer Military Museum & Library is a founding sponsor and partner in the World War I Centennial Commission. There is an article in the May 2017 issue of Computers in Libraries about the collaboration of the PMML and the Illinois State Library regarding a collection of the Music of the First World War.


  • 2017-2018 Chair
    • The committee discussed the responsibilities of being a chair that included creating agendas, leading meetings, and taking a lead with projects. The current co-chairs shared that being a co-chair works well to share these tasks.
  • 2016-2017 Annual Project
    • The Project needs a name. One to consider is the title of the presentation at the Great Lakes Resource Sharing Conference, “Trying to Jump-Start Collaborative Collection Development: Finding Simple Methods for Effective Cooperation.”
    • The group reviewed the project via Box and committed to make updates by May 8th.
  • Collaborative Collection Updates:
    • Nursing:
      • There is interest in ebooks.  The collaborative group is interested in purchasing ebooks from different publishers.
    • Education:
      • The group lead will make one last push for purchases and will work on an information assessment, a short survey on what worked well, what did not, etc.
    • Literature:
      • A next meeting is being scheduled to discuss options for both one-time print commitments and options for curating Open Access monographs
  • Joint Forum with the Technical Services Committee.
    • Evaluations are ongoing.  These will be shared with the committee at the next meeting.

Next meeting

June 1, 2017 at 10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

We will do an Adobe Connect / Conference Call meeting:

+1 888 983 3631 (toll-free)
+1 217 332 6338 (Local Urbana-Champaign number)
+1 312 994 8410 (Local Chicago number)  

Conference ID: 56832361