Collection Management Committee Meeting: December 8, 2016

Conference Call / Adobe Connect

Members attending: Deb Blecic, co-chair (University of Illinois at Chicago), Amelia Brunskill (DePaul University), Connie James-Jenkin (Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy), Gretchen Schneider (Oakton Community College), Kimberly Shotick, co-chair (Northeastern Illinois University), Niamh McGuigan (Loyola University Chicago); Stephen McMinn (University of Illinois at Springfield)

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Anne Craig, Jen Masciadrelli

Tasks Assigned

  • Connie James-Jenkin took minutes.
  • Elizabeth will contact ProQuest regarding moving from the EBL user platform to ProQuest Ebook Central.
  • Elizabeth will draft a note about purchasing ProQuest ebooks to be sent to the membership.  She will share the draft with the committee.
  • Those interested in drafting a proposal for upcoming conference presentations should be in touch with Jen.


  • No items were added to the agenda.


  • CARLI Update:
    • Office will be closed 12/23-1/2. In case of emergency, place a call to page the on-call staff.
    • Preservation Committee workshop on Collection Care – simple repairs for circulating materials will be on Monday, April 10 from 9:30-5:00 at Illinois State University. Registration will open on 2/1. One or two people per institution.
    • ProQuest met with CARLI staff regarding the new ProQuest Ebook Central platform (combining ebrary and EBL). ProQuest would like to migrate all CARLI members to the new Ebook Central platforms on January 10. Since everyone in the consortium will be affected there was debate about the pros and cons of migrating on the January date. CARLI will continue to confer with ProQuest and request a date later in the year.
    • CARLI’s ebook purchase order with ProQuest is still open but has been at $0 the past 2 years. Elizabeth asked the committee if there was any interest in asking each institution to select  2 ebooks for purchase, which would go through CARLI & CARLI would invoice the purchasing library.  There was interest by several libraries & Elizabeth will work on an email to institutions.
    • Elizabeth is working on year end statistics for CARLI ebooks.
    • U of I is ceasing electronic course reserves as of Fall 2017. Many other libraries are doing/have done the same. More info on U of I’s decision:
    • Jen discussed possible presentations at the Great Lakes Resource Sharing (June) and ILA (October). Contact Jen if interested in doing a proposal for either/both conferences.
    • Fill out the CARLI surveys  if you have not done so!
    • If you attended the annual meeting, please tell us about your experience by completing the survey at
    • If you were unable to attend and would like to tell us about the factors that affected your decision, please complete the survey at
    • URL for providing feedback for CARLI Strategic Planning:
    • Anne held a meeting about committees for current and former committee members.
  • Member Announcements:
    • Many committee members expressed concerns about the budget situation in the state.
    • Gretchen (Oakton): There is now a temporary Circ/ILL position open at Oakton. Other positions may still be forthcoming. The book club had a second successful meeting and they are working on a podcast.
    • Niamh (Loyola): A Government Information & Social Science librarian position will soon be open.
    • Amelia (DePaul): This is Amelia’s last meeting in the committee. She is leaving DePaul to work on a book contract. Good luck Amelia!


  • Membership vacancies
    • Chris’ slot will be filled by Theresa Embrey, Pritzker Military Museum & Library.
    • Two vacancies remain (Amelia & Jeffrey).
  • CARLI Annual Meeting Recap
    • Thank you to Deb for presenting at the CARLI annual meeting.
    • The recording of the meeting is available until 12/17:
    • Most attendees were supportive of the Collaborative Collection Development Project.
    • Some expressed concerns that the CCD project might lead to the purchase of esoteric titles.  Deb reiterated that small budgets are causing this not to occur.
    • Some libraries expressed an interest in joining the project.
    • UIC Dean is very interested and may allocate additional funds to UIC participants for the CCD project.
  • Collaborative Collection Development Project Updates
    • One-time-purchases are proceeding.
    • Business: No responses from libraries that had indicated interest. Connie emailed those two libraries & referred them to the one-time purchases group if they were still interested in a collaborative collection development project.
    • Education – K-12 textbook project is still proceeding. Kimberly will take this over.
    • Jen shared that a review of resource sharing policies indicate that most libraries do share education curriculum materials but with a shorter loan time. If the committee wishes, it can collaborate with the Resource Sharing Committee to expand policies of these materials.
    • Literature – Niamh reports there are many interested libraries. Proceeding.
    • Announcements about the projects will go into the December and January newsletters.
    • Nursing – Deb and Stephen will meet to work on this subject area the week of December 19th.
  • CMC Annual Project
    • Subject CCD Organizers were encouraged to take notes on the process/progress of the areas for the annual project.
    • Jen will set up a Box account for collaborative work on the project. Watch your email for the invitation.
  • Technical Services Committee Joint Forum
    • The Forum will be held on Friday, April 28 at Governors State University. The school is on a Metra stop.
    • The committee reviewed the draft Call for Proposals.
    • The forum organizers hope to find institution(s) who have experienced an assessment cycle in action. If you know of any potential presenters, please Niamh or Connie who are on the joint forum committee.
    • Deadline for proposals will be late January.

Next Meeting

January 5th, Thursday: We will do a phone meeting, 10:00 – 12:00.

+1 888 983 3631 (toll-free)
+1 217 332 6338 (Local Urbana-Champaign number)
+1 312 994 8410 (Local Chicago number)  

Conference ID: 56832361