Collection Management Committee Meeting: November 7, 2016

Location: UIC Library

Members attending: Jeffry Archer, (University of Chicago), Deb Blecic (University of Illinois at Chicago), Amelia Brunskill (DePaul University), Connie James-Jenkin, by phone (Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy), Chris Diaz, co-chair (National-Louis University); Gretchen Schneider, by phone (Oakton Community College), Kimberly Shotick, co-chair (Northeastern Illinois University), Stephen McMinn, by phone (University of Illinois at Springfield)

Member absent: Niamh McGuigan (Loyola University Chicago)

Staff attending: Anne Craig, by phone, Jen Masciadrelli, by phone, Elizabeth Clarage


  • Review / Update Agenda
    • Items to add:
      • CARLI annual meeting discussion.
      • CARLI annual project.
      • Discussion of collection reports. New web-based reporting systems.
      • Committee make-up
  • CARLI Update
    • from Anne:
      • Annual Meeting: CARLI is excited to host its annual meeting in just a couple of weeks in Champaign on November 18th. There will be a write up for those who cannot attend. There is also an online form that people can use to give feedback about the strategic planning process (CARLI 2020) and priorities.
      • A message has been sent to institutions that aren’t part of I-Share to see if they might like to be, will follow up with any that express potential interest. The RFP process is going a bit slowly and CARLI believes they might be able to add some additional members.
      • The CARLI electronic resources calendar year selection cycle is open.
      • DPLA: They have experienced their first ingest of data to DPLA. This is the test for the process. If it works there will be a regular ingest schedule set up. Data from CARLI’s digital collections, University of Illinois, and Illinois State Library (the state hub) data will all be ingested into DPLA. These are all on ContentDM so it felt like a logical starting point. More data may be added later.
      • Looking at putting together a new CARLI Directors Institute for 2017.  There will be a proposal for the December CARLI Board Meeting.
    • Elizabeth:
      • RAILS is looking for academics with a background with e-books. Jeffry said he would ask if a colleague would be interested. Want to learn more about academic e-book platforms.  Which vendors do academic libraries use? What do they need for consortial purchases?
        •         Amelia, Deb, Stephen and Kimberly volunteered for this.
      • NYPL had a grant to look at uniting all logins in a single site for all platforms (originally called Simply E). RAILS is working on this, trying to get some academic representation.
        • We can ask members that are not here about that. Might need a better sense of the time commitment. Anne will ask RAILS when we have the conference call.
  • Member announcements: What’s going on with your library?
    • Chris: Will be starting a new position as the Digital Publishing Librarian at Northwestern. He will be starting there on November 30th so this will be his last meeting.
    • Jeffry: Off to McGill. This will be his last meeting. Starting there on January 3rd.  University of Chicago’s Institutional Repository Manager and their Reader Services for Special Collections librarian are both leaving.  They just posted the Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning position.  Jeffry’s position will be subsumed.
    • No announcements from UIC or Northeastern Illinois University
    • DePaul: Search for Data Services librarian. Also, renovation of second floor was approved which will have implications for the collections on that floor.
    • Gretchen: Has several positions that may need to be filled and also a staff member who is retiring. They had their first student book club meeting which went well, and they may make a podcast version. They are also working on a LibGuide for this club.


  • Committee make-up
    • We will have two vacancies on the committee. The vacancies are from private institutions, and ideally CARLI likes to maintain a balance of public, private, and community college institutions on its committees. The openings are for terms that end June 2016 and June 2017 respectively.
    • Is anyone able to serve as co-chair or vice chair?
      • Deb agreed to serve as co-chair for the remainder of the year.
    • Jeffry and Chris are going to see if they can interest anyone from their institutions. Other committee members mention that they might know someone who might be interested.
  • Discussion of collection reports. New web-based reporting systems
    • Jen asked if committee members would review the reports available in Access that might be useful to include in the web-based reporting system. Deb mentioned that she always asks for a report of everything that they borrowed over the year. Jen wasn’t sure if that one could be done—data from multiple libraries cannot be put together as a web-based report. Jen is going to a meeting where she may learn if there are other needed parameters/restrictions.
  • CARLI annual meeting discussion
    • Deb shared the presentation and asked for the committee’s input. Deb was going to make some small edits. She will be presenting this solo.
    • Gretchen made some suggested edits to the handout.
    • Deb: Should we add some context at the beginning about decreased book budgets, declining I-Share traffic, more purchasing of e-books, and potentially less diversity of purchases?
    • Stephen: Long tail argument, able to get a wider collection. This is always good, even in times of more robust budgets.
    • Gretchen: Not considering just the current generation of researchers but the next. Trying to make sure that we don’t just handle immediate needs of current researchers.
    • Discussion of collecting practices around e-books and print, and the future of the collection. Does print on demand make it easier to get materials later on? At Charleston, there was a poster where they found that 22% of the content that did not circulate within the first ten years in the collection did later circulate.
    • Deb added some contextual information about reduction in I-Share borrowing and a desire to maintain a deep and diverse CARLI collection.
    • Deb gave her practice presentation for the CARLI meeting. The committee agreed that it would be useful to have an additional slide to encourage people to sign up for the collaborative projects.
  • CARLI annual project
    • Chris and Kimberly were going to draft some language for the topic of the committee’s annual project to share with Anne Craig. They sent it to committee members this morning. White paper on what the committee learned about doing collaborative collection development in specific subject areas, with discussion about how to make this sustainable. Mentioned that maybe we should just say “areas of high interest” rather than specifying all of the subjects, since we’ve been having a hard time getting traction in some areas. Think about what you might want to put in the white paper as you work on the collaborative projects.
  • Collaborative Collection Development Updates
    • Connie, Business:
      • She had two positive responses from the nine libraries. She sent a couple of emails to them, along with the preliminary list of questions. So far she has only heard from one of them. Given that, it was suggested that maybe one-time pledges might be a good idea. If so, they should be directed to contact Deb and/or Kimberly and they can get them up to speed.
    • Deb and Kimberly, Unique one-time purchases:
      • The group had a conference call with participants from Northeastern and UIC. Also Joliet Junior College and Pritzker Military Museum & Library expressed interest in the project.
      • This method of collaboration is easier one for people to participate at any time. Kimberly created a spreadsheet that people can add themselves to, and then they can track their purchases. CARLI CMC, Unique purchases. Included selector, institution, area, anticipated spend. Title, format, ISBN, date, notes. The group should meet at the end to discuss how we could do this better moving forward or facilitate this project for the future. The goal is to get ~20 participants by January/February.
    • Chris and Amelia, Education:
      •  Chris contacted faculty in the NLU Education College to get a list of what textbooks K-12 schools in Illinois are using. He encouraged other people to add to the list. He checked which ones are already in I-Share. Eastern Illinois University has been collecting in K-12 textbooks. The spreadsheet includes a column for people to indicate which ones they are committing to purchasing.  For these items, National Louis University will be purchasing some of these and will be circulating them although most of their textbook collection does not circulate.
      • Is there a sense of whether other participants would be willing to circulate these? Most other participants do circulate these. Jen has started making spreadsheet of schools with education programs, and looking at circulating policies. She is still working through this but usually these items circulate locally and are requestable, but may not circulate outside their home institution. Perhaps we could encourage people to change their policies when they are more restrictive?
      • Might be good to promote some of these through CARLI as one-time purchase options for end of the year money. Chris can send out an email to the CCG email list to encourage participation in the project.
    • Niamh & Gretchen, Literature:
      • Nothing has happened yet.
    • Deb and Stephen, Health Science:
      • Nothing has happened yet.
  • Joint-forum on Collections Assessment updates
    • Chris sent out a draft message for a call for proposals for the forum.  He had asked for session ideas at our last meeting.
    • Jen: At the last technical services meeting, they talked about the notes from the first conference call from the joint meeting. One thing that they really liked was the assessment cycle in action, finding people to talk about they did during the assessment cycle—a broad overview of the assessment process. We might want to solicit people that we know have been involved in this in the past.
    • Who is the lead for this forum? Mary Konkel from the Technical Services Committee.
    • People liked the list of suggested ideas.
    • Connie, Chris, Niamh and Amelia are on the Joint-Forum.  The Committee decided to not add another representative to the joint planning group as our committee is well represented.
    • Idea: Add bullet point about breaking out of big deals?
    • Idea (for future): What data can you provide to new selectors to get them up to speed? What resources are getting used? Data for sudden selectors? Data for new deans?
    • The joint planning group will be meeting later this week.


  • The agenda was approved.
  • Minutes of the October meeting were approved.
  • Deb will serve as the co-chair since Chris is leaving.
  • Deb’s slides and the committee’s handout were reviewed and approved, with some small suggested edits.

Tasks Assigned

  • Please send suggestions for new members to Jen and Elizabeth by the end of the week.
  • Jeffry and Chris are going to see if they can interest anyone from their institutions to join this committee.
  • Amelia will send reminders for the Education collaboration project and write up notes for the white paper at the end of the year.
  • Amelia, Deb, Steven and Kimberly all volunteered to be part of a RAILS conference call discussing e-book in academia.
  • Jen and Elizabeth will edit the summary of our Annual Project for the Annual Meeting down to one page (after Deb sends it) and then they will forward it on to Anne.
  • Please send your thoughts to Jen about other reports that would be useful to have in the web-based reporting system. Reports involving data from multiple institutions will probably not be possible.
  • Chris will talk to the chair of the resource sharing committee about encouraging people to make their circulation policies for K-12 textbooks less restrictive.
  • Niamh was going to look at whether Loyola could be the location for the Joint Forum so Chris will ask if she could be the official contact for this.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • December 8th, Thursday: We will do a phone meeting, 10:00-12:00.

+1 888 983 3631 (toll-free)
+1 217 332 6338 (Local Urbana-Champaign number)
+1 312 994 8410 (Local Chicago number)  

Conference ID: 56832361