Collection Management Committee Meeting: April 21, 2016

Conference Call

Members attending: Christophe Andersen (Columbia College Chicago); Deborah Blecic (University of Illinois at Chicago); Chris Diaz (National-Louis University); Jane Hopkins (Greenville College); Kristina Howard (Prairie State College) Niamh McGuigan (Loyola University Chicago, Susan Prokopeak, Chair (Joliet Junior College)

Member absent: Jeffrey Archer (University of Chicago)

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage

Staff absent: Jennifer Masciadrelli


  • Minutes of the March 24, 2016 meeting were approved.
  • For the annual project, we will submit a write up of the survey results
  • For the webinar scheduled on May 9th:
    • There will be a segment about collaborative collecting of ebooks following the model that Jeffry described past meetings.
    • We’ll share a document with a summary of the survey responses with attendees.
    • We will make a recording of the webinar.
    • We agreed that webinar participants will not have audio.
    • The speakers will make their own slides with a neutral design and send their slides to Elizabeth by 9:00am on Monday, 5/9.


  • Elizabeth reported that CARLI is moving forward with the director search and the position is now closed.
  • Elizabeth reported that the selection system for electronic resources will be open in May. CARLI is working on a new system that allows vendors to input their own pricing information.
  • Susan reported that JJC is in the midst of a search for a new president, and the library has recently been moved to a new division. They will report to the new Dean for Academic Excellence.
  • Niamh reported that the Head of Access Services and the Assistant Dean for Technical Services positions at Loyola will soon be vacant. No updates yet on when those positions will be posted.
  • Deb reported that UIC has a new provost.

Tasks Assigned

  • Niamh McGuigan will take minutes for the April 21, 2016 meeting.
  • For the project report, Susan and Kristina will summarize the webinar.
  • Niamh, Elizabeth, and Chris will do a conference call with Nancy O’Brien on 4/25 to discuss collaborative collection development for education.
  • For the webinar:
    • Jeffrey will be asked to talk about ebook collection development. If he declines, Susan will do it. [as he is not in attendance at this meeting]
    • Susan will put together a document with information about the survey responses to share with webinar participants.
    • All speakers need to test their audio set up with Elizabeth before the webinar and sign a release form

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • Next Meeting: May 19
  • Annual project and report: Due at the end of May