Collection Management Committee Meeting: March 24, 2016

CARLI Office, Champaign

Members attending: Christophe Andersen, Columbia College Chicago; Jeffrey Archer, University of Chicago; Deborah Blecic, University of Illinois at Chicago; Chris Diaz, National-Louis University; Jane Hopkins, Greenville College; Niamh McGuigan, Loyola University Chicago (by phone)

Members absent: Kristina Howard, Prairie State College; Susan Prokopeak, Chair, Joliet Junior College

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage; Jennifer Masciadrelli (by phone)


  • Jeffry Archer agreed to run the meeting.
  • Minutes of the February 18, 2016 meeting were approved.
  • Chris Diaz and Christophe Andersen were elected Vice Co-Chairpersons/Chair Elects for the remainder of the current year and will be Co-Chairs for FY 2017.
  • For the rest of the 2016 academic year, the Committee will focus on using the survey results for a webinar that will provide an overview of potential collaborative collection projects.
  • The webinar is scheduled for May 9th from 1:30-2:30 and will be recorded.
  • The Committee will bring interested groups together starting this summer and during the 2016-2017 year to begin collaborative collection projects.
  • This year’s annual project will summarize the overview and options presented in the webinar as well as the survey.


  • Sally Gibson has accepted a new position and has resigned from the committee. Her absence leaves an opening for next year’s Chairperson position.
  • The call for CARLI committee volunteers will be announced in April.
  • Illinois State University is working on a huge weeding project.  They are working with the University of Illinois to process a large number of last copy titles.
  • Susan Singleton’s position has been posted.  The title has been changed from “Executive Director and Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs” to “Senior Director”.  This reflects a naming change within the university structure.
  • The current contract for the Illinois Library Delivery Service (ILDS) ends June 30, 2016. Following the completion of the recent Delivery Request for Proposals (RFP), Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) was awarded the solicitation. CARLI will continue to manage ILDS with RAILS serving as the delivery vendor.
  • University of Chicago will be reducing support staff and likely centralizing some tasks and positions.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago is planning for a collections budget cut.
  • National-Louis University’s enrollment is down.  Consequently, open positions are not being filled and their collections budget has been cut by reducing e-resources.
  • Chris Diaz is working on an oral history project documenting National-Louis University’s faculty and staff.  This project will later be edited into podcasts and shared with other campus departments including marketing and development.
  • Enrollment is down at Greenville College.  Voluntary separation offers were made to all employees.
  • Loyola University Chicago’s Dean is retiring.  The position will be filled.  Additionally, Loyola will be covering MAP funding while the State deals with its budget crisis.  
  • Loyola University Chicago is opening a small maker space.
  • Columbia College Chicago will be integrating the Harrington College of Design materials into their collection keeping the items that are unique.

Tasks Assigned

  • Christophe Andersen will take minutes for the March 24, 2016 meeting.
  • Chris Diaz will continue his work on summarizing the survey so that it may be share with the participants.  Elizabeth will help with this.
  • Jeffrey Archer will draft a couple emails/documents that will include next steps (webinar, FY 2017 meetings):
    • March 28 – email draft for the CARLI Newsletter as well as a save the date for the webinar.
    • April 8 – email draft for survey participants.
    • April 12 – committee will have reviewed drafts.
  • Elizabeth and Jen will verify processes for sharing of EBL ebooks purchased by member libraries in a collaborative project.
  • For the webinar:
    • Jeffrey will provide the introduction and common baseline for collaborative collection building conversations. He will also act as moderator / facilitator for the webinar.
    • Deborah will discuss options for print models.
    • Chris will research and discuss options for collaborations on a specific subject (possibly Education) as an example.
    • Jeffrey will provide a wrapup.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • Conference calls:
    • April 21, 2016
    • May 19, 2016
    • June 16, 2016
  • Annual project: Due May 31, 2016, committee discussed completing project prior to Memorial Day.
  • Annual report: Due May 31, 2016