Collection Management Committee Meeting: June 11, 2015

Conference Call

Members attending: Susan Prokopeka, chair-elect/vice-chair, Joliet Junior College; Christophe Andersen, Columbia College Chicago; Jeffry Archer, University of Chicago; John Small, North Central College; Sally Gibson, Illinois State University; Jane Hopkins, Greenville College; Kristina Howard, Prairie State College;

Members absent: Pam Hackbart-Dean, chair, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Lynn Wiley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage; Jen Masciadrelli


  • Susan agreed to take minutes.


  • CARLI update – New board of director membership. New members include Dennis Krieb, John Wilkin, David Stern, Jim Cubit and Lydia Morrow Ruetten.  Their terms will start July 1, 2015.
  • The PDA project print program will end this month.  CARLI representatives had an ebook PDA meeting at ALA with EBL folks to discuss options for a continuing project.  The anticipated startup date would be January 2016. 115 of the Governing Member Libraries had patrons use during the Pilot. 3858 unique ebooks were purchased.
  • There will be a Voyager upgrade this weekend
  • Pam and one of her colleagues will serve as acting Deans because the position had been vacated.  The University anticipates advertising for it in the fall.
  • E book conference wrap-up:
    •     Elizabeth sent out link to survey responses and suggestions.
    •      Some of the responses to Question #6 included: Weeding ebooks, IDALL (within EBSCO), flow for removing from collection, a discussion about what the considerations are for removing electronic materials from catalog and  thrsteps to do so.


  • Possible Future Program Topics:
    • Loanable technology might be a useful sessions (wifi hotspot, etc.)
    • Discoverability of everything.
    • What is the future? Sharable?  
    • Working with ebook providers with sharing model more technical books may not be very interested in sharing.
    • One of the biggest challenges is access and getting the most bang for the buck
    • Are the leases the way to go?  Instead of buying?  Are students really interested in ebooks?
    • What is the value of having the titles rotated?  Big advantage minimal collection development and newer titles.  
  • There was a discussion about the committee obligations and how the CMC might best meet its obligations.  The CMC’s fulfillment of its obligation has usually included an event in the spring and a webinar or two fall.
  • Decisions regarding possible fall educational programs will be moved to the July or August meeting when new members are available.

Tasks assigned

  • Doodle Poll will be created to set up in-person meeting date

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

To Be Determined