Collection Management Committee: September 4, 2014

CARLI Office, Champaign

Members attending: Christophe Andersen, Columbia College Chicago, Jeffry Archer, University of Chicago; Sally Gibson, Illinois State University; Pam Hackbart-Dean, chair, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Jane Hopkins, Greenville College; Kristina Howard, Prairie State College; Susan Prokopeak, Joliet Junior College (phone); John Small, North Central College (phone); Lynn Wiley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Members absent: Christophe Andersen, Columbia College Chicago

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Jen Masciadrelli, Ted Schwitzner


  • Lynn was selected to take minutes.
  • Jeffry Archer will present the FY2014 CMC White Paper at the CARLI Annual Meeting.
  • Susan Prokopeak was nominated and elected as chair-elect of the Committee. She will take over from Pam in July 2015.
  • The Committee will pursue an in-person eBook program this year for a continuing education program.
  • Committee will meet on teh first Thursday of every month with some adaptations due to holidays.


  • CARLI will be moving away from the current wiki for committee work and is developing committee spaces on the website.
  • Elizabeth gave a brief update on the EBL ebook DDA program. The metrics were collected from May to the end of August and show 117 purchases with 7100 uses of titles. This program coves short term loans for titles accessed by CARLI users and at the third loans invoke a title purchase fee. The titles purchased are available for 35 additional users over a 12 month period. The data indicates good usage and exploration of the items made available. Full background is available at:
  • Jennifer announced that a position will soon open at CARLI for a Library service Coordinator. Details to follow from CARLI.
  • Jennifer also provided information about a planned Voyager upgrade to Voyager 9.x on June 13, 2015. The upgrade will entail two phases and therefore downtime over that weekend for the software upgrade and possibly into to the next week due to the re-indexing of the databases. Input was sought from all to select the best date.
  • The CARLI annual meeting Oct 30th at the I-Hotel in Urbana.  Details are on the CARLI calendar:
  • Ted gave a review of the ILS RFP work ongoing. To date that committee has reviewed a timetable and are beginning work on principles. A potential vendor list was reviewed, a webinar open to all CARLI libraries is being planned. A discussion followed on open source vendors and it was noted that Kuali OLE now and registered as a corporation that will allow them to respond to any RFP.
  • Jeffry provided a brief update on Kuali OLE implementation at UChicago as well as their Dean search.
  • Sally shared ISU’s work with Kanopy was reviewed and sparked a small discussion on streaming video and purchase on demand.
  • Others shared their experience with buying media and the costs and licensing issues and desire for perpetual access.
  • Kristina gave us background on some of their programs, their consortia affiliations and ILS system migration.
  • Jane shared the programmatic changes at Greenville.
  • Christophe noted that Columbia has a cataloging position open and opened more library space for more user activities and has moved to an Epreferred plan for books.
  • Susan gave an update on the Joliet Junior College LibGuides Springshare upgrade to alert all of possible web server issues that they encountered.
  • Lynn reviewed the list of openings available at UIUC due to a large wave of retirements and announced that CARLI was hosting their SFX server site work and thanked CARLI for taking this on and for a successful migration of data.


  • 2014-2015 Continuing Education / Activities Review
    • Developing upcoming programs (see minutes: for last month’s discussion)
    • Discussion The group reviewed minutes to understand what was agreed upon and these were:
    • Budgeting 101 (how collection budgets are allocated, how to communicate with administrators to advocate budget increases); Serial Cancellation Decision Making; Developments in Publishing (i.e., libraries supervising university presses, predatory publishers, articles being posted behind pay walls or subscriptions for individuals, but not available for libraries); eBook Publishing Economics.
    • Ebooks topic sounded most interesting to pursue. Possible other groups to bring in: Public Services, Technical Services and Commercial products   A webinar on alternative formats like streaming video was also of interest.
    • The group then came up with topics for the day for the Ebooks topic and included:
      •     Statistics/Counter reports, weeding ebooks, Vendor offerings, Publisher purchase options, Book platform and access issues. We added additional topics after lunch- marketing one example being new title lists, teaching support, cataloging, and general management issues.
    • The group discussed holding the proposed program in April or May dates and will offer breakouts with that may cover topics above.
  • Annual Project (formerly White Paper): Topic due by November 1. Due to the CARLI Board by the end of May, for the June Board meeting.
    • Ebooks possible topic to cover our program topics and to recommend resources such as Libguides others have already put together. We did have a tentative title of Best Guide to Ebooks and agreed to collaborate with other groups such as the SFX System Committee
  • The Group discussed meeting scheduled for the upcoming year.

Tasks Assigned

  • Continuing Education
    • Lynn Wiley to ask Bob Nardini and or Mike Zeoli about a key note speaker
    • Pam will contact the chair of the Commercial Product Committee (to sponsor in name only) as well as the Instruction Committee.
  • ALL committee members is to look at the Collections Resources Clearinghouse on wiki and other information from the so that relevant information may be migrated to our new committee space/website.
  • Sally will look at the Scholarly Communications Website for updating
  • Jennifer will do a doodle pool for our next in person meeting for November 2014 and later for March 2015

Next Meeting

To be determined