Collection Management Committee: June 10, 2014

Conference Call

Members attending: Kim Fournier, chair, William Rainey Harper College; Jeffry Archer, University of Chicago; Chad Buckley, Illinois State University; John Small, North Central College; Susan Prokopeak, Joliet Junior College

Members Absent: Pam Hackbart-Dean, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Jane Hopkins, Greenville College; Nichole Novak, Illinois Institute of Technology; Todd Spires, Bradley University; Lynn Wiley, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage

Staff Absent: Jen Masciadrelli


  • Minutes of the 12 May 2014 meeting were approved with slight revision.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.


  • North Central is preparing for renovations over the summer, changing the usage of three main spaces within the library.
  • The University of Chicago is waiting on results of the Director search.  They have delayed until late July the implementation of OLE.
  • CARLI Announcements
    • The Print PDA project is still ongoing, after 2 years and 3 months, $93,000 has been expended, and 60% of acquired titles are within 3 months of their publication date. 51.7% of the titles are available in print format only.
    • The ebook PDA Pilot Project went live on 6 May. To date, no purchases have been made, only short-term loans, of a 7 day duration. 9 views of more than 5 minutes are required to activate the purchase process. For May 2014, 7,204 books have been looked at, 1,118 for more than 25 pages, 491 have been viewed for more than 40 pages.
    • CARLI will meet with EBL regarding the price increases from some publishers for short term loans, which will have significant negative effects for the purpose of the project.
    • The CARLI Last Copy Project continues.
  • The Annual Report and White Paper were finished on time and were included in the reports to the Board last week. All these documents can be viewed as attachments to the Board Agenda, located in the reports and meeting minutes section on the CARLI site.  They will be linked back to corresponding committee.
  • The PDA eBook program at the iHotel was a success, by all accounts. Chad stepped in to present an additional session at the last minute in place of an ill participant, and Jeffry was a resounding success as well along with other group members. The Conference allowed for users in all phases of electronic PDA programs to come together. Some of the breakout sessions were very technical in nature.
  • New members of the committee with terms from July 2014 – June 2017 are Christophe Andersen, Columbia College; Kristina Howard, Prairie State College; and Sally Gibson, Illinois State University.
  • Committee members that are rotating off the group were thanked for their service.  These included Chad Buckley, Kim Fournier, Nichole Novak, and Todd Spires.

Tasks assigned

  • The section of the wiki containing Hot Topic ideas needs to be reviewed and updated by the next iteration of the committee.
  • The April 10th minutes, which were lost due to technical problems is in the process of being recreated, and will be posted to the Committee web site.

Meeting Dates

Next Meeting: will be determined by survey