Collection Management Committee: May 13, 2014

Conference Call

Members attending: Chad Buckley, Illinois State University; Jeffry Archer, University of Chicago: Pam Hackbart-Dean, Southern Illinois University Carbondale: Nichole Novak, Illinois Institute of Technology:  Kim Fournier, chair, William Rainey Harper College: Susan Prokopeak, Joliet Junior College

Members absent: Jane Hopkins, Greenville College; John Small, North Central College; Todd Spires, Bradley University; Lynn Wiley, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage & Jen Masciadrelli


  • Susan Prokopeak took minutes for the meeting.
  • Committee members would review their notes from April to help reconstruct the minutes from that meeting.


  • Chad announced that ISU, like Bradley University, will invest in Get it Now fairly heavily.
  • Year End reports are due (review of year) in addition to white pages.
  • CARLI Announcements
    • The CARLI Board will be making decisions within the next few days about how to spend some of the reserve funding. Alexander Street Press and CINAHL offerings are being considered.There is the possibility of purchasing some of the ebooks in EBL beyond the $500,000 reserved.
    • EBL eBooks are accessible to the governing members. Everyone must log in both from on-campus and off campus.  Patrons will have five minutes of use free. After nine short term loans CARLI will purchase the ebook.
    • CARLI is working on MARC record distribution for EBL.CARLI has loaded the records in such a way that they will appear in Vufind. The records are not in the classic view or an actual instance in our local collection –libraries cannot remove them. Discovery services do not expose the EBL holdings. Individual libraries will have to work with their discovery vendor to have them appear. CARLI is requesting  that consortially purchased materials not be used for reserve collections.
    • CARLI will pay for Academic Search Complete this year starting July 1– no charge for upgrade this year.
    • eBook Patron Driven Acquisitions Forum (June 2, 2014) UPDATE:  There are 41 people registered for the workshop so far.    The planning group has been meeting to set the final agenda. Kishwaukee has been contacted about representing a group working with Access 360.

Tasks Assigned

  • Whitepaper: Due to the CARLI Board by the end of May. The CARLI executive board meets June 6th – All reports to CARLI by May 30th.
  • White paper must be completed and sent to Jen and Elizabeth.  Any suggestions may be sent to Kim who will send the executive summary is up for review.
  • Jen and Elizabeth will fix for format.
  • End of Year Report – this is the first year for this group.  Report (due at End of May) talks about who was on committee and plans for the next year. Examples are on the web at:

Meeting Date

Conference Call: June 10