Created Content Committee Meeting: June 22, 2021

Zoom / Conference Call

Members Present: Hunt Dunlap (Western Illinois University), Marlee Graser (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Greer Martin, Co-Chair (Loyola University Chicago), Matthew Short (Northern Illinois University), Angela Yon, Co-Chair (Illinois State University)

Member Absent: Tricia Lampron (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

CARLI Staff Present: Elizabeth Clarage, Amy Maroso, Jessica Gibson


  • Hunt confirmed as minutes taker.
  • Minutes approved from May 25, 2021 meeting.

Primo VE External Source Documentation Project - Project Wrap Up

  • The participants agreed to retain the basic structure which had been devised.  Progress was being made on completing each section. Angela noted the division of the “User Stories” document into categories.  There was discussion on where docs would “live” going forward. Amy indicated they will be placed within the Alma/Primo VE sections of the CARLI website, as appropriate. Jessica noted the content will be formatted per standard practice. We have until about the end of June to make final changes.
  • Greer observed that many of the links are to Ex Libris’ Alma documentation, some of which may be restricted (e.g., Developer’s Network). Staff advised any access restrictions will be noted for users.

Committee Hiatus

  • Amy thanked Angela and Greer for their excellent leadership as Co-Chairs, and expressed gratitude to all committee members for their service.  With all terms (& extended terms) expiring, and due to a lack of new volunteers (generally attributed to consortium-wide “fatigue” related to migration strain and core Alma/Primo VE functions requiring the direct and expanded attention of many library personnel usually involved in digital collection projects), the committee will temporarily go on hiatus.  
  • Greer expressed hope that the committee will re-emerge as Alma/Primo VE becomes “more settled,” and that the pool of potential participants might expand to include BI librarians and others with a vision for further integrating digital collections into the life and mission of academic libraries.  Amy noted the importance, continual change and evolution of the committee’s work; Elizabeth expressed her thanks to committee members for all their efforts. Amy stated the intent to announce a new call for volunteers in 2022.