Created Content Committee Meeting: March 23, 2021

Zoom / Conference Call

Members Present: Hunt Dunlap (Western Illinois University), Marlee Graser (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Tricia Lampron (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Matthew Short (Northern Illinois University), Angela Yon, Co-Chair (Illinois State University)

Member Absent: Greer Martin, Co-Chair (Loyola University Chicago)

CARLI Staff Present: Elizabeth Clarage, Amy Maroso


  • Marlee confirmed to take minutes.
  • February 23, 2021 minutes were approved.

Primo VE External Sources Integration - Documentation

  • Committee members will collaboratively edit this document, add screenshots, and break down with step by step process to clarify Ex Libris documentation/instructions.

Primo VE External Sources Integration User Stories

  • Digital Commons/Primo VE User Stories will be collaboratively edited by the Digital Commons Working Group (Angela, Jessica, and Marlee) to include walkthroughs of the import workflow, clarification, and issues.
  • CARLI Digital Collections in CONTENTdm/Primo VE User Stories will be collaboratively edited by the CONTENTdm Working Group (Hunt, Jessica, Marlee, Angela) to include walkthroughs of the import workflow, clarification, and issues.
  • Matt will work on an Islandora/Primo VE User Stories document.
  • Tricia will work on an IDEALS Dspace/Primo VE User Stories document.
  • Greer will complete her user story on assigning resource types when she returns to work in June.

Normalization Rules Document

  • The committee will collaboratively edit this document to include the goal of the rule and examples of drools normalization rules currently in use at member libraries.
  • Normalization processes that require the use of several rules within one larger, more complex rule will be added to the document by describing each piece of the more complex rule as well as the larger rule itself.


  • Primo VE External Source Integration Project Documentation is tentatively due at the end of May or June with the goal to publish the documents by the end of June.
  • 1-2 page committee annual report to the Board of Directors with a summary of the activities of the past year is due by the end of May.

Google Analytics Reports

  • Angela, Tricia, and Marlee will complete Q1-Q3 report cleanup.
  • Marlee will complete Q4 report cleanup when the report becomes available in April.

Next Meeting

The next committee virtual meeting will occur on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 9:00am-10:00am.