Created Content Committee Meeting: February 23, 2021

Zoom / Conference Call

Members Present: Hunt Dunlap (Western Illinois University), Marlee Graser (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Tricia Lampron (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Greer Martin, co-chair (Loyola University Chicago), Angela Yon, co-chair (Illinois State University)

Member Absent: Matthew Short (Northern Illinois University)

CARLI Staff Present: Elizabeth Clarage, Amy Maroso, Jessica Gibson


  • Hunt confirmed as minutes taker.
  • Minutes approved from January 26, 2021 meeting.

PrimoVE External Source Integration Project

  • Greer reviewed documentation drafts (which she has compiled in a committee Project Folder), including overall organizaton, structure, and content:
    • “PrimoVE External Sources Integration User Stories”
      • This document consists of user story narratives introducing two “source integration” projects along with an overview of necessary basic steps.
      • Consensus that “user stories” (a.k.a. “user cases/case studies”) are a helpful way to introduce concepts and orient new project leaders as they begin to engage “how to” resources and Ex Libris' technical Alma/PrimoVE documentation (which tends to focus on product description/capability over practical usage/function)  
    • “PrimoVE External Sources Integration - Documentation”
      • This document details the main concepts and general workflow for loading external data sources, including: the Discovery Import Profile, the Normalization Process Task, Normalization Rules, and Resource Types.  It concludes with a compilation of relevant Alma/PrimoVE links to documentation.
    • There was support for continuing to separate the “user stories” and “workflow” documents.
    • Jessica recommended the “judicious” inclusion of screenshots, as appropriate.
    • Greer recommended the creation of a separate “Normalization Rules” document, compiling a series of example stanzas, which was supported by the committee.
  • Next Steps / Working Groups Formed
    • Hunt suggested the value of having individuals with existing project goals to actively use the workflows as a way to sharpen and enhance the documentation. Angela volunteered a local “Digital Commons” project as a way forward, and Jessica suggested an online meeting to work through the flow, which ultimately led to the enthusiastic creation of two working groups, and a listing of “known” external Data Source projects of committee members/institutions:
      • “Digital Commons” Workgroup (Angela, Jessica, Marlee, et al); first meeting March 3, 2021.
      • “CARLI Digital Collections” (ContentDM) Workgroup (Hunt, Jessica, Marlee, Angela, et al); first meeting March 12, 2021.
      • Islandora (Matt / NIU)
      • IDEALS (Dspace / UIUC IR Project)
    • Greer encouraged the workgroups and individual committee members to continue adding to the existing user story and workflow documents – “messy” notation okay for now – committee will edit and clean up later.

OpenRefine Workshops Debriefing

  • The committee discussed the success and outstanding attendance of the CCC's “OpenRefine” software workshops led by Tricia and Greer. Amy reported that Tricia's first session “Messy Data? Clean it up with OpenRefine! Webinar 1: The Basics of OpenRefine” (Feb. 9), was attended by 45 individuals – including a number of additional CARLI staff.
  • Greer led the follow-up session devoted to advanced functions (“Messy Data? Clean it up with OpenRefine! Webinar 2: Using OpenRefine to Reconcile Your Data,” Feb. 17). Demonstrating the relevance and interest in this topic, Amy reported 38 individuals attended the second session, continuing the strong participation and momentum. The committee thanked Greer and Tricia for their excellent presentations, and communicated praise from colleagues/participants across the consortium.

Next Meeting

The next committee virtual meeting will occur on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 9:00am-10:00am.