Created Content Committee Meeting: April 28, 2020

Conference Call

Members present: Ellen Corrigan (Eastern Illinois University), Marlee Graser, Co-chair (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Colin Koteles (College of DuPage), Tricia Lampron, Co-chair (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Greer Martin (Loyola University Chicago), Ariana Potter (Pritzker Military Museum & Library), Matt Short (Northern Illinois University), Angela Yon (Illinois State University)

Member absent: Hunt Dunlap (Western Illinois University)

CARLI staff present: Amy Maroso, Elizabeth Clarage

Board liaison: John Pollitz  (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)


  • Angela Yon confirmed to take minutes.
  • Minutes approved from the December 6th Conference Call.

Copyright Webinars Feedback

  • The committee reviewed the results from the evaluations.
  • There were 13 evaluations submitted, all positive feedback. There may have been more responses if a separate survey was sent for each of the 3 webinars. The statistics for views of the recordings are 1st webinar – 73 views, 2nd webinar – 11 views, 3rd webinar – 10 views.
  • Viewing numbers for each webinar will be included in the committee’s annual report.

Social Media/Facebook Promotion

  • A review and data evaluation on the Facebook posts will be conducted. Greer reported  experience in looking at this data, such as the summary of useful engagement of posts. Marlee, Greer and Tricia will work together on gathering and filtering the data. Others are also welcome to participate as a meeting planner will be sent to all. At our May meeting, we will discuss the impact of Facebook based on this data and decide if we would like to continue.
  • Marlee will do the remaining posts for June to finish up the fiscal year.

Annual Report Update

  • Tricia has started the annual report. Everyone is welcome to add or edit to the report.
  • Marlee used last year’s report as a form to present at 2019 November’s annual meeting. She stated it would be helpful to keep this in mind for this year’s meeting.

CARLI’s Suspension on the Call for Committee Volunteers

  • CARLI has extended an invitation to continue committee service in FY21 to Ellen, Marlee, Colin, Tricia, Ariana, and Matt.
  • Ellen, Marlee, Colin, Tricia, Ariana, and Matt need to inform Elizabeth and Amy before our May meeting if they are willing to serve for FY21.
  • Greer, Hunt, and Angela will continue their terms for FY21.

Next meeting

The next committee conference call will occur on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 from 9:00am-10:00am.