Created Content Committee Meeting: July 28, 2015

Conference Call

Members present: Ian Collins (University of Illinois at Chicago), Ellen Corrigan (Eastern Illinois University), Alice Creason, Chair (Lewis University), Margaret Heller (Loyola University Chicago), Sarah Prindle (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Adam Strohm (Illinois Institute of Technology), Jennifer Wolfe (Newberry Library)

Members absent: Mary Rose (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Anne Shelley (Illinois State University)

CARLI staff present: Amy Maroso and Elizabeth Clarage (CARLI staff liaisons)


  • Ellen volunteered to take minutes.
  • Minutes from the June 23 meeting were approved with one minor correction.

New Members

  • Alice welcomed new members Ian, Jen, and Sarah.

Ongoing Projects Updates

  • Current committee activities were discussed, and committee members were encouraged to consider participating in the various ongoing projects (to be discussed further at the in-person meeting next month).
    • Digitized Book of the Month: Alice has posted the digitized book for July.
    • Featured Image: Jen expressed interest in participating and proposed starting a tumblr, citing Wisco Histo as an example. Margaret noted that Google Analytics indicate that the featured images are being reposted.
    • Podcasts: Margaret has taken the lead and is seeking a collaborator on the Digital Public Library of America podcast initiated by former members Paul Go and Howie Carter.  The Illinois State Library has submitted an application to DPLA, and the committee agreed to hold off until the application is approved in order to focus on Illinois involvement.
    • Google Analytics: Margaret will continue to work on traffic sources and has also taken responsibility for keyword analysis for the time being.  Instructions can be found on the wiki; Amy will send links via the committee email list.


  • Regarding last year’s survey on instructional use and marketing of CARLI Digital Collections, Amy will contact the Instruction Committee and will try to get a guest to attend the August meeting in order to revisit the possibility of collaborating as the committee moves forward with the survey results.  North Central College was mentioned as an active instructional user of CARLI Digital Collections.  The featured image project has been the only endeavor by CARLI/the committee in marketing and promoting CARLI Digital Collections.
  • Jen suggested a webinar on digital pedagogy and will look into contacting the Humanities Without Walls grant recipient (from UIC?) harvesting from the Newberry Library’s Great Lakes collection for instructional use.

CONTENTdm Upgrade Update

  • The upgrade to CONTENTdm 6.10 was successful.  Server space issues have been resolved.  CARLI is working with OCLC to resolve back-end issues related to advanced search options and display bugs.  Amy emailed institutional contacts regarding a new options form but has not received much response or other feedback yet.

Next Meeting

  • An in-person meeting will be held on Friday, August 28 at the CARLI Office in Champaign.  After a review of the past year the committee will plan projects for the current term including the annual project (white paper).  
  • Chicago-area members addressed the possibility of carpooling to the August meeting.