Created Content Committee Meeting: August 28, 2018


Members present: Ellen Corrigan (Eastern Illinois University), Hunter Dunlap (Western Illinois University), Marlee Graser (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Tricia Lampron (University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign), Ariana Lim (Lewis University), Greer Martin (Illinois Institute of Technology), Matt Short, Chair (Northern Illinois University)

Member absent: Angela Yon (Illinois State University)

CARLI staff present: Amy Maroso, Elizabeth Clarage


  • Hunt was confirmed as today’s recorder
  • The July 24 meeting minutes were approved

Project Ideas Discussion

As a follow‐up to the last meeting, Matt provided an overview of three (3) areas of focus for the coming year. The committee agreed to discuss these in greater depth, as appropriate, at the upcoming “in‐person” meeting at CARLI [Sept. 21, 2018]. A question was raised about alignment with the CARLI Strategic Plan. The committee awaits further guidance. For the moment the committee will facilitate processes underway, and will circle back for optimal Strategic Plan coordination.

  • Promotion
    • Matt noted that historically, the committee has primarily used Tumbler for digital content promotion efforts, but usage has waned on that platform.
    • Amy reported that a new contractual form has been distributed to Digital Collections institutional participants, wherein they may procedurally “opt in” regarding digital object sharing rights (and CARLI promotion). Institutions may restrict certain collections they control. Any data returned from the completed forms have not yet been compiled/distributed among CARLI staff.
    • Matt noted a need to assess and assign prioritization values in Google Analytics for Tumbler. Facebook and Twitter have also been used previously. In general, it is challenging to keep content “fresh”/updated.
    • The committee acted on a proposal to conduct a survey about how institutions currently self‐promote their locally created digital collections (e.g., to help determine the best platforms/methods to use). Amy offered to coordinate a Survey Monkey instrument and sought an appropriate, limited number of questions. It was suggested that the survey be sent to the ContentDM Contact Managers List, and potentially the Digital Collections Interest Group (&/or other avenues as Amy determines appropriate), in hopes of also capturing CARLI’s “non‐ContentDM” audience.
    • The committee developed 4‐5 brief questions, including: institution name (for determining ContentDM vs. non‐ContentDM); platform identification and active URL(s) (so we can view & gather further info); whether a dedicated social media account is exclusively used for digital object promotion; promotion frequency, etc. Matt will draft introductory text to explain survey’s purpose. [Matt’s subsequent email noted that the complete survey questions were posted to the ‘shared directory’.]
  • DAMS Analysis
    • Discussed current state of flux concerning the stability, emerging technologies and adoption of various Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS). It was noted that a comprehensive study would require substantial research, but could also be useful for CARLI libraries to know more about:
      available/recommended systems, pros‐cons, compare/contrast with IRs, how they operate in performing ‘XY&Z’, etc. Amy noted that we will know more about what other CARLI groups (e.g., IR Task Force) are pursuing by our next in‐person meeting. Any resource should include a broad range of systems that both small and large CARLI institutions might use.
    • A resource called The Collection Management System Collection was recommended as a resource that has already compiled substantial information.
  • Linked Data Webinar/Workshop
    • Matt discussed the possibility of producing a “linked data” webinar/workshop to provide an overview of best practices and current usage. A session could potentially cover such topics as: general intro to RDF, major vocabularies used by libraries, how linked data is used in Fedora 4, metadata cleanup projects (how to), authority reconciliation, issues in migrating to linked data, and additional metadata topics. It was affirmed that there are not enough “practical examples” available, so such a resource could be useful. UIUC is working on several metadata projects, including cleanup/reconciliation.
    • A question was posed about how to discover and connect with other CARLI committees interested in partnering on digital content projects. Amy noted that CARLI liaisons might be able to provide info about projects and interest in partnering.

Other Business

  • Matt: Hunt and Angela have agreed to work on cleanup/distribution of Google Analytics reports. Matt will share additional reports info via Google Drive.

Next Meeting

The next committee meeting will occur in‐person on September 21, 2018 from 10:00am – 3:00pm at the CARLI Office.