Created Content Committee Meeting: December 13, 2017


Members present: Ian Collins (University of Illinois at Chicago), Ellen Corrigan, Chair (Eastern Illinois University), Marlee Graser (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Tricia Lampron (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Greer Martin (Illinois Institute of Technology), Rebecca Skirvin (North Central College)

Members absent: Alice Creason (Lewis University), Colin Koteles (College of DuPage), Matt Short (Northern Illinois University)

CARLI staff present: Elizabeth Clarage, Amy Maroso


  • Tricia was confirmed to take minutes this month.
  • The November 8, 2017 meeting minutes were approved.

Documentation Review Project

  • Approve revisions of the remaining Best Practices documents: Audio, Moving Images, CARLI Digital Collections Metadata, Shareable Metadata.
    • Audio document is complete.
    • Moving images document - Colin is working on this currently, hoping to have a final draft by January.
    • Metadata documents - no opposition from the group, both items are complete and ready for approval by Amy.
  • Approve recommendations for the podcasts and webinars.
    • 7 podcasts recommended as ‘Keep’.
    •  Letting the world know about your digital collections (Anatomy of a digital project) recommended to archive, Amy will remove.
    • Other recommendations to come.
  • Status update on “Digital Projects 101” document:
    • Alice emailed a draft on December 11, 2017.
    • We need some more time to review the document.  Everyone should send an email with some feedback by the end of the week.

Develop poll re: promotion to be sent to member libraries in January

The group decided we would hold off on a poll and that we could focus on “Teaching others to fish.”

  • Avenues to explore further:
    • Marketing/Promotion Best practices document
      • The group agreed on this project.
    • Explore an educational/collaborative event.
      • The group mostly agreed with the stipulation that we should look outside the group for presenter/s or examples.
    • Promote materials on CARLI website within the committee.
      • The group mostly agreed that we will hold off on this as we still don’t have permission.

Draft announcements for upcoming copyright webinars

Amy has received blurbs from Hannah and Sara to put in the newsletter.

Next Meeting

The next committee conference call will occur on January 10, 2018, from 11:00am to 12:00pm.