Created Content Committee Meeting: September 20, 2017

CARLI Office, Champaign

Members Present: Ian Collins (University of Illinois at Chicago), Ellen Corrigan, chair (Eastern Illinois University), Alice Creason (Lewis University), Marlee Graser (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Colin Koteles (College of DuPage), Tricia Lampron (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Greer Martin (Illinois Institute of Technology), Matt Short (Northern Illinois University), Rebecca Skirvin (North Central College)

CARLI Staff Present: Elizabeth Clarage, Amy Maroso


  • Both new and returning members of the committee introduced themselves to the group.


  • Alice Creason was confirmed as the minutes taker for the morning session, and Marlee Graser will take minutes for the afternoon session.
  • Minutes from the August 9, 2017 conference call were approved. The motion to approve was made by Rebecca Skirvin and seconded by Colin Koteles.

Annual Project Summary for CARLI Annual Meeting

  • The project summary for the committee’s activities during the FY17 year was approved. There were no additional comments. The report was submitted to CARLI.

Ideas for Committee Activities for FY18

The committee discussed possible activities for FY18. Ideas included the following:

  • Grant writing for digitization
  • Partnering with businesses on digitization efforts
  • Communicating the ROI of digital collections
  • Digital pedagogy
  • Understanding and using

Particular focus was given to ways to promote digital collections, and committee members suggested the following topics and ideas:

  • Promotion beyond social media
  • Writing case studies of successful promotion or collaborations regarding digital collections
  • Creating a best practices document for promoting digital collections
  • Promoting digital collections to scholars, researchers, and students
  • Continuing the CARLI Digital Collections Tumblr
  • Promoting digital collections to existing audiences such as websites like Boing Boing

The committee discussed creating a brief poll for CARLI members to learn what social media platforms are being used currently to promote the library and to gauge interest in promoting digital collections and/or interest in participating in an event on social media promotion of collections.

The committee also discussed possible collaborations with other CARLI committees or outside groups. Initial ideas included holding an in-person event and hosting a webinar series that might be focused on copyright questions for digital collections and understanding

Finally, the group spent time discussing whether and how to continue legacy projects such as CARLI Digital Collections Tumblr and the featured image posts on the CARLI website. Topics discussed included obtaining permissions to reuse images beyond Tumblr, promoting new digital collections in CONTENTdm when they are published, promoting non-CONTENTdm collections from member institutions, and sharing posts on the CARLI news blog outside of the CARLI website.

CARLI Update

Anne Craig, Senior Director of CARLI, joined the committee to provide an update on CARLI activities including the FY18 budget, progress on the I-Share Next project, and the OER Task Force.

Committee Activities for FY18

  • Documentation Review
    • Best practices documents
      • Documents will be sent out as Google Docs to help edit and track changes
      • First review was due September 13
      • Second review will be due October 11. The second reviewer should look at the public wiki to see if there are information or links that would be better suited in their best practices document
      • Reviewers will then collaborate on the document again and submit the final document to the committee for their review/approval on November 8
      • If substantial revisions are needed, the reviewers will notify the committee
      • Next year, the committee will readdress the idea of using a subcommittee or one person in charge of documentation review
  • Public Wiki
    • Most of the information and resources listed on the public wiki can be integrated into the best practices documents
    • Alice Creason volunteered to create a draft of a Digital Projects 101 document that would incorporate any remaining relevant info and resources from the public wiki as well as more current information on beginning a digital project. The Digital Projects 101 document will be written concurrently with the best practices documentation review
  • Podcasts and webinar series
    • Each podcast or webinar will be reviewed by one committee member; the committee member will recommend whether to retain or discard

Poll to CARLI Member Libraries

  • The committee will initiate a poll to CARLI members to find out what means are being used to promote digital collections at these libraries, if they have preferred platforms, and if they would be interested in an educational series on best practices in promoting digital collections.
  • The poll will be submitted to the membership by Amy/Elizabeth through the CARLI listserv in early January 2018

Best Practices for the Promotion of Digital Collections

  • After the results of the poll are compiled and there is a better understanding from legal department about what platforms we are able to post to without compromising the rights of owning persons or institutions, the committee will work on a document on best practices for the promotion of digital collections in CARLI libraries.
  • This work will begin in January 2018, pending the results of the poll and legal
  • The committee requested that Amy ask legal about platform agnostic rights issues related to posting promotional content online through social media sites

Copyright Webinar Series

  • Line up speakers for a copyright webinar series to take place in the early 2018
  • Amy will contact Hannah Stitzlein about doing a copyright webinar in late January 2018; Tricia Lampron will contact Sarah Benson about doing a webinar in late February 2018 (aiming for the last 10 days of the month)

Timeline/Assignment of Responsibility for Activities, FY18

  • Ongoing
    • Google Analytics, quarterly, compiled by Matt Short
  • Fall 2017
    • Documentation Review and new Digital Projects 101 Document
      • First review, September 13, 2017, by all committee members
      • Second review, October 11, 2017, by all committee members
      • Final drafts, November 8, 2017, by all committee members
      • Podcast and webinar series review, January 2018, all committee members
    • Line up copyright webinar series speakers, before January 2018, Amy Maroso, Tricia Lampron
  • Winter 2017/2018
    • Poll to the CARLI listserv, January 2018, Amy Maroso/Elizabeth Clarage
    • Copyright Webinar Series, January and February 2018, webinar series speakers


  • Tumblr
    • We will no longer be posting on Tumblr.
  • Promotional postings on CARLI website
    • We will no longer post the featured image/book of the month until or at least until we have clarification from legal about sharing images available through either CARLI Digital Collections or CARLI member libraries and we have the results from the poll.
  • Case Studies on Promotion of Library Digital Collection
    • We will defer the case studies until next year after we’ve drafted the Best Practices for Promotion of Library Digital Collections document.

Next Meeting

The next committee meeting is via conference call on October 11, 2017.