Created Content Committee Meeting: August 9, 2017


Members present: Ian Collins (University of Illinois at Chicago), Ellen Corrigan, Chair (Eastern Illinois University), Alice Creason (Lewis University), Marlee Graser (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Colin Koteles (College of DuPage), Tricia Lampron (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Greer Martin (Illinois Institute of Technology), Matt Short (Northern Illinois University), Rebecca Skirvin (North Central College)

CARLI staff present: Amy Maroso

CARLI staff absent: Elizabeth Clarage


  • Rebecca Skirvin was confirmed to take minutes this month.
  • The July 19, 2017 meeting minutes were approved.

Subcommittees vs. Project Teams

  • The pros and cons of subcommittees vs. project teams were discussed. Subcommittees could be arranged around the themes in the committee charge, and would carry over from year to year. Project teams would be formed on a case by case basis.
  • The committee seemed to agree that in the abstract, subcommittees had a lot of benefits. They would help with continuity with ongoing projects (such as documentation review) and would encourage us to focus on the purpose of the committee. They are also easier for CARLI liaisons to interact with.
  • Project Teams offer the benefit of being flexible and allowing people to adjust their committee work to their work and family commitments.
  • It was agreed to table this discussion until we determine what our projects are for the year and whether one arrangement would work better than the other.

Documentation Review Project

  • Chair noted that one bit of documentation had been left off of the overview (see CCC_FY18_overview.pdf on Google Drive). It is the Intro to Web 2.0 (2014), which covers how institutions can promote their collections on social media.
  • It was decided that the chair will post a sign up sheet on Google Drive for all committee members to sign up and update documents as noted in CCC_FY18_overview.pdf. There will be two reviewers for each document: one primary and one secondary. The deadline for updates will be in a couple of months.

Ongoing Projects

  • Google Analytics for keyword and traffic sources for CARLI Digital Collections
    • Amy Maroso will reach out to CARLI ContentDM liaisons informally to ask if the quarterly statistics are useful and whether there is other information we could collect that would be of interest. CCC members have used the statistics in their own work, and the process of gathering and organizing them is not onerous.
  • Promotional Activities
    • Featured Image and Digitized Book: The gist of the discussion favored moving away from these blog posts, which have an audience limited to CARLI members, in favor of working on an educational effort aimed at helping member institutions get involved in social media and digital collections advocacy.
    • Tumblr: We are thinking about different facets of this external form of social media presence. Promoting CARLI’s digital collections is not in our charge, but it is not clear that any other arm of CARLI is promoting them, either. If we continue social media outreach as a committee, we may also want to consider moving to a platform such as Twitter or Instagram, where there are established national and international digital collections communities. However, it is unclear whether this will put us in the position of constantly chasing the newest platform.

Other Items

  • There is the potential for collaboration with other CARLI committee sections on annual projects.

Next Meeting

The next committee meeting is in person on Wednesday, September 20 at the CARLI Office in Champaign from 10 am to 3 pm. The CARLI Office address is 100 Trade Centre Drive, Suite 303, Champaign, IL 61820-7233. Directions can be found at