Created Content Committee Meeting: February 14, 2017


Members present: Ian Collins (University of Illinois at Chicago), Ellen Corrigan (Eastern Illinois University), Margaret Heller, Chair (Loyola University Chicago), Sarah Prindle (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Matt Short (Northern Illinois University), Rebecca Skirvin (North Central College), Adam Strohm (Illinois Institute of Technology), Jen Wolfe (Newberry Library)

Member absent:  Alice Creason (Lewis University)

CARLI staff present: Elizabeth Clarage, Amy Maroso


  • Minutes for January 10 approved.
  • Adam will take minutes this month.

Ongoing Project Status Reports

  • Tumblr:
    • Margaret sent the posting schedule for the month, and will continue to remind us monthly of the next month’s schedule as part of each month’s meeting agenda. 
    • Margaret asked if the committee wanted to consider the potential brought up by Anne Craig for review of DPLA policy and adjustment for the CARLI Tumblr account. Amy advised that the decision on Tumblr policy has been taken to UIUC legal counsel, and decision on what we need to do is out of CARLI’s hands for now. The committee will table this discussion until UIUC Legal’s response is received by CARLI administration.
    • Margaret asked Matt, Ian, Adam to capture Tumblr analytics data monthly (top post, new followers, etc. since these stats aren’t kept for more than a month). Margaret will create a shared document with the initial stats for the past month, and provide the link to the committee.
  • Digitized Book/Featured Image:
    • Margaret asked for reaction to new cross-posting directions, and Adam reported that things went smoothly for him. No other comments were supplied, and cross-posting will continue.
  • Google Analytics: (Margaret and Matt)
    • The most recent reports were sent earlier this week.
    • Matt asked about errors in report -- since we used to delete these, we don’t know if they’ve increased, but the committee agreed to keep an eye on the issue in subsequent reports.
    • Margaret reported that the keyword report is consistent with past trends.
  • Impact of CARLI CCC Promotional Efforts:
    • Matt presented report summary to committee. He noted that Tumblr isn’t drawing much traffic to CARLI Digital Collections (it is lagging behind Facebook, which isn’t currently used by the committee as a means of promotion). The report includes ideas on increasing traffic or use of Tumblr as a means of promotion separate from traffic to Tumblr.
    • Ian remarked that the nature of Tumblr and typical user behavior on the site may not encourage click through traffic, and won’t likely match Facebook’s impact. Margaret asked if a comparison had been made between known popular content on the CDC site and Tumblr clickthroughs -- this hasn’t been done yet, and she recommended a correlative analysis to see if there is traffic that Tumblr is somehow missing.
    • The committee will need to decide how to gauge which efforts are worth doing, and to decide what results we’re hoping for -- is promotion for promotion’s sake worthwhile, or do we want to use driving of traffic to CDC as a way to determine where we want to focus our efforts? Margaret suggested that collection of Tumblr-specific statistics may be a way to better represent engagement outside of CDC click through traffic
  •  2016-17 Annual Project on Shareable Metadata:
    • Margaret sent out a link to her case study document prior to the meeting, and asked for any additional comments. Margaret would like to post in the next few days, and has asked for comments from the committee by the end of today.
    • The DPLA metadata best practices document created by Hannah Stitzlein at UIUC was sent out prior to the meeting. Though this document is already in use by some institutions, Amy suggested that the document may be overwhelming to smaller institutions, but that this issue is likely beyond the scope of the discussions that the committee needs to have. Amy advised that for the foreseeable future, DPLA harvests will occur every two months (any additions, revisions, etc. will be visible then).
    • Margaret suggested that future topics for DPLA topics to write about could include use of these guidelines for metadata creation/revision at a small institution.
  • Still Image Best Practices Document:
    • Amy still trying to determine whether we ought to refer people to Federal Agencies’ Guidelines, or whether it is too long and confusing, and we ought to try to distill the most relevant information into a summary.
  • Other Items from the Floor:
    • No additional topics were suggested.

Next Meeting

The next committee conference call will occur on March 14, 2017, from 11:00am to 12:00pm.