Created Content Committee Meeting: November 9, 2015

Conference Call

Members present: Ian Collins (University of Illinois at Chicago), Ellen Corrigan (Eastern Illinois University), Alice Creason (Lewis University), Margaret Heller (Loyola University Chicago), Mary Rose (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Anne Shelley (Illinois State University), Jennifer Wolfe (Newberry Library)

Members Absent: Adam Strohm (Illinois Institute of Technology), Sarah Prindle (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)

CARLI staff present: Amy Maroso, Elizabeth Clarage

Acceptance of Last Meeting's Minutes

  • Ellen submitted corrections about rotating duties for Digitized Book of the Month. For Tumblr Amy will check in with CARLI. Jen will resend to the list (this goes for any minutes corrections).
  • Minutes approved.

Ongoing Projects Updates

  • Digitized Book of the Month:
    • This is going smoothly. Ian is up next to add a new one.
  • Featured Image:
    • Ellen reports this is going well, a new one was posted on Friday. There was a nice addition for asking for transcription volunteers.
    • They have made adjustments to the schedule to account for Mary’s departure from the committee.
  • Podcasts:
    • Margaret gave updates: she hasn’t heard back from Sandra Fritz at Illinois State Library yet, but if we are interested in pursuing a DPLA podcast we could do that.
    • Mary was one of the podcast people, so we will need additional people. Alice is willing to pitch in on this. Margaret and Alice will talk offline.
  • CONTENTdm Collection Homepages (Amy):
    • Amy needed a point of clarification about collection homepages. Amy sent out a link to the Chicago and the Midwest collection from Newberry. This has an “all” link under the title, and she wanted to know if we need this on all pages or if the Browse link in the menu bar is sufficient. No strong opinions, but general feeling that an additional link is probably best. Amy asked for where to do this for the sake of consistency. The best place would be under "About this collection" since that’s the same on every page. We agreed that this would work. Amy will mock this up.
  • Google Analytics (Margaret/Adam/Mary):
    • Jen wanted to know the history of this project and difference between this and the server logs. Margaret and Amy explained. Jen asked about how this might be used.
    • Mary: the idea is that you could grab your own institution’s data and make your own determinations about what you want to know.
    • Margaret described the pivot charts and how those might be used.
    • Margaret asked how statistics for digital collections were used at everyone’s institutions.
      • At Lewis: one person asks for statistics for digital collections and Alice gets those together. In the past they have just provided the CONTENTdm server logs. The new spreadsheet gives completely different information.
      • At Newberry: They do annual data and quarterly data. Jen didn’t see a lot of use for the institution for what they would get out of it.
      • At UIC: similar situation as Newberry.
    • Margaret asked about social media analytics. Few institutions do dedicated campaigns, or if they do just use the social media analytics tools.
    • Margaret asked everyone to review the spreadsheet and get back with any comments/questions.
  • Tumblr Project:
  • Elizabeth gave an update about this from the discussion she had with CARLI Managers. Their  concern stemmed from posting members digital items on a third party system (Tumblr). What rights does Tumblr have over those materials? Agreements with institutions doesn’t allow promotion on third party websites explicitly. The group stated that they would be ok with a pilot with just images from institutions represented by CCC members who could give permissions (Mary is ok with SIUE images being used).
  • Some question about when the pilot would run, basically it can start any time to make the images public after cleanup. We can move forward with the project within those guidelines.
  • The group who worked on this will get together to figure out final details and make it public.
  • Note that Tumblr rights state that: “Subscriber shall own all Subscriber Content that Subscriber contributes to the Site, but hereby grants and agrees to grant Tumblr a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, transferable right and license (with the right to sublicense), to use, copy, cache, publish, display, distribute, modify, create derivative works and store such Subscriber Content and to allow others to do so (Content License) in order to provide the Services.”
  • We will discuss this project more on our November 24th meeting.

Other Items From the Floor

  • Update on CONTENTdm tagging project:
    • Mary gave an update. They did do some promotion, and the person who participated in tagging was the one who got the project started.
    • General discussion of best practices for crowdsourcing projects, might be easier to do this with popular collections.
  • This is Mary Rose’s last meeting and she said her goodbyes to the group.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be November 24 and the main topic will be Tumblr.