Created Content Committee meeting: February 24, 2015


Members present: Howard Carter (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Alice Creason (Lewis University),  Nicole Finzer (Northwestern University), Margaret Heller (Loyola University Chicago), Mary Rose (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Anne Shelley (Illinois State University) 

Members absent: Ellen Corrigan (Eastern Illinois University), Paul Go, Chair (Illinois Institute of Technology), Adam Strohm, (Illinois Institute of Technology)

CARLI staff present: Amy Maroso (CARLI staff liaison) and Elizabeth Clarage (CARLI staff liaison)

  1. Confirmed Nicole as minutes taker.
  2. December 23 minutes approved with corrections.

Discussion of Current Committee Activities


  1. Book of the Month: Alice has been browsing the Internet Archive yearbooks and has selected many items that can be used for the monthly feature. 
  2. Featured Image: The most recent Featured Image, from Chicago State University, received interest from someone outside CARLI.


  1. Emily Gore, from the DPLA, has agreed to do a podcast with Paul and Howie.  They still need to set up a time with Emily to record it.
  2. In other DPLA news: Amy noted that there are rumors the DPLA may move the application deadline from June/July to April, but no one has confirmed that. The Illinois State Library still plans to submit a Service Hub application regardless of the application deadline.


  1. Survey closed on Friday, February 20 and received a good number of responses. Amy download all the responses as an Excel file and sent it to the group.
  2. There were a wide array of responses. For example, Northwestern University answered multiple times. Should we remove the ones that answered only the first column?
  3. Committee need to look into results further and formulate a plan for our project based off the data collected. We will take a look at it more over the next few weeks, and discuss what we see and what we would like to do at our March meeting.

Other Business


CARLI office is finishing up work with contract programmer, who will hopefully get the last of the customization work done in the next week or so. Tentative dates for upgrade will be sometime at end of April. A lot of the work done by the programmer was to make custom front end friendlier for all formats (tablet, mobile, etc.)  There should not be that much down time for CONTENTdm users as the main portion of the upgrade will happen on a weekend. No updates to individual clients. The group will be emailed when the specifics are known between now and the end of March.