Created Content Committee meeting: August 26, 2014

conference call

Members present: Howard Carter (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Ellen Corrigan (Eastern Illinois University), Alice Creason (Lewis University), Paul Go, Chair (Illinois Institute of Technology), Margaret Heller (Loyola University Chicago), Benn Joseph (Northwestern University), Adam Strohm, (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Members absent: Mary Rose (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Anne Shelley (Illinois State University)

CARLI staff present: Amy Maroso (CARLI staff liaison)

  1. Confirmed Adam as minutes taker.
  2. August 7 minutes approved with corrections.

Discussion of Current Committee Activities


Amy has sent emails regarding getting Created Content Committee podcasts on the CARLI web site, but hasn’t heard back. She will continue to explore this avenue of promotion, and does not foresee it being a problem. Paul reported that he and Mary have not made recent progress on the third episode of the podcast, but that they will be setting up a meeting soon. He also noted that planning for the fourth episode should begin soon, but remarked that the fourth episode could end up being a continuation of the third.

survey spreadsheet

Committee members were reminded to complete the Digital Collections spreadsheet for their own institution and a dozen others. This should be done by the next committee meeting.  

Documentation Review

Revision continued on the Collection Development Policy, with only minor revisions expected to be further needed. Amy will send a copy of the working document to committee members, and all committee members will look over the document for last revisions before September 5. Amy will double check the date by which the document will need to be finalized.