Created Content Committee meeting: January 28, 2014


Members present: Howard Carter (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Paul Go (Illinois Institute of Technology), Benn Joseph (Northwestern University), Mary Rose (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Adam Strohm, Chair (Newberry Library), Julia Thompson (Western Illinois University)

Members absent: Margaret Heller (Loyola University Chicago), Anne Shelley (Illinois State University)

CARLI staff present: Amy Maroso and Elizabeth Clarage (CARLI staff liaisons)

  1. Confirmed Howard as minutes taker.
  2. January 3 minutes approved with corrections.

Committee Projects


Adam and Julia reported that the next featured image will be coming out soon.


Reports for the Fall Quarter (Quarter 2, October - December, 2013) have been posted to the CARLI website.


Julia reported that the January posting will be out soon. 


Amy reported that she will be sending out an announcement to invite institutions to submit the portal information after February 10, 2014.​


Adam reported that there is a tentative outline for the presentation, which he will send out to the Committee for comments and input. Registration for the conference is now open. Non-presenters are encouraged to register and attend.


Adam suggested that committee add any more suitable project ideas to the list of projects on the wiki. Elizabeth reported that 4 schools have already begun the process and one other school will start doing its catalogs soon.


  • The initial interview subject has been confirmed. Jaime Schumacher , the Director for the Digital POWRR Project will be the first interviewee. The Digital POWRR (Preserving (Digital) Objects with Restricted Resources) Project is a collaborative project to assist smaller institutions to engage in digital preservation projects.
  • Hosting: It was agreed that shared hosting is the best approach to ensure that more voices are heard on the podcast. Paul agreed to co-host the first installment. Adam will contact Anne to see if she is interested in being the co-host with Paul. If not, other co-hosts will be solicited from the Committee.
  • Date: Still to be determined. Adam suggested that the first interview be completed early so the experiences gained can be used as the basis for the Committee's white paper.
  • Interviewing/recording: Amy will check to see if it is possible to record phone calls from multiple locations. Previous experience has been that it is only possible if all callers are University of Illinois employees. Adobe Connect is a viable option. Amy has set up a CARLI space on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's iTunesU page. Adobe Connect sessions can be converted to YouTube videos that can then be posted on a website, on iTunesU, or both. Adam suggested starting modestly by posting the interview session on the CARLI website at first.
  • Length: It was generally agreed that the interview should last from 15 to 20 minutes. If the interview goes well and lasts longer than that, it can be cut into separate "episodes" of appropriate length.
  • Interview questions: Adam asked Committee members to go to the Digital POWRR website (link: then brainstorm questions for Jaime on the wiki. It was recommended that questions be given to Jaime in advance so she can prepare her answers along with the appropriate length for the time allowed. Jaime should also be asked if there are any things she particularly wants to talk about. Amy has set up a page on the wiki under “Podcast” for input on questions.

New Items

Yearbook Category for CARLI Digital Collections

Amy asked if the Committee had agreed that there should be a “Yearbook” category, and not “Newspaper” category, under the CONTENTdm collection categories. It was generally agreed that a sub-category for yearbooks under “University Publications” in “Media” was the best place for it. Some yearbook collections already are listed under “University Publications” and also under “Student Publications.” It was also felt that such a sub-category would not necessarily encourage requests for other types of sub-categories.