Board Meeting: March 15, 2013

CARLI Office, Champaign

Members attending: Connie Bakker (College of Lake County), Terry Cottrell (University of St. Francis), Anne Craig (Illinois State Library), Christine Frank (Rush University), Cindy Fuller (Millikin University), Paula Kaufman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Dennis Krieb (Lewis & Clark Community College), CM! Winters Palacio (City Colleges of Chicago), Connie Poole (Southern Illinois University School of Medicine), Karen Schmidt (Illinois Wesleyan University), Phyllis Self (Western Illinois University)(by phone), Susan Singleton (CARLI), Rachelle Stivers (Heartland Community College), Jane Treadwell (University of Illinois at Springfield)

Absent: Allen Lanham (Eastern Illinois University)

Staff attending: Margaret Chambers, Elizabeth Clarage, Cindy Clennon, Tom Dorst, Brandon Gant, Kristine Hammerstrand


  • Minutes of the December 7, 2012 meeting were approved prior to the meeting.
  • The Board approved the timeline for the 2013 Board of Directors election. Current Board members Connie Bakker (College of Lake County), Christine Frank (Rush University), and Jane Treadwell (University of Illinois at Springfield) will serve on the Nominating Committee, with CARLI staff coordinating the process.
  • The Board accepted the applications of College of DuPage, JKM Library, Kishwaukee College, Lincoln College, MacMurray College, and University of St. Mary’s of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary to become participants in I-Share. 
  • The Board accepted the CARLI Membership Survey and Site Visit Recommendations as follows: 
    • Each member library determined to be in substantial compliance with the established membership criteria should be surveyed every three years to confirm its status and to contribute to a fuller understanding of resource sharing in the consortium. 
    • Based on the information provided in the 2012 membership survey and other data gathering, the CARLI staff cannot confirm to the Board, at this time that a number of member libraries are in substantial compliance with the established membership criteria. The recommendation is that these member libraries should be surveyed annually in April. NOTE: When the CARLI staff confirms that a member is in compliance with the membership criteria, that member will be moved to the every three-year survey status. 
    • Staff will provide the Board annually, at the September meeting with a list of member libraries that will be scheduled to receive site visits, in addition to an annual survey. A member library will receive a site visit when there are concerns about a library’s compliance with established CARLI membership criteria that cannot be answered via a survey. Site visits will be conducted by CARLI staff, members of the Board of Directors, and/or other knowledgeable individuals, as determined by the Board.
  • The Board thanked retiring board members Connie Bakker (College of Lake County) and Phyllis Self (Western Illinois University) for their leadership and their service to the Board. The March 15 meeting was their final Board meeting.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.


  • No final information is available about the state budget at this time, however CARLI is expecting a reduction in state funding for FY 2014.
  • CARLI staff is working with University of Illinois procurement office to finalize the purchase of the Alexander Street Press video collections. 
  • CARLI will begin testing Shibboleth authentication as a "single sign-on" option for member libraries.
  • The deadline for vendor responses to the request for information for a pilot project for patron-driven acquisition of e-books is April 1, 2013.
  • CARLI has expanded the print PDA project to include materials in science, technology, engineering and medicine.
  • Shared Shelf, media management software from ARTstor, has announced a consortial pricing model that would be available to CARLI Governing members. CARLI Governing directors have received information regarding informational webinars that will be held in March 19 and April 2. 
  • CARLI staff, in consultation with the relevant committees, will develop a plan to ensure access to items that are digitized and made available through the Book Digitization Initiative, and items that are digitized by CARLI libraries and made available through CARLI Digital Collections. The plan will be presented at the June 2013 Board meeting.
  • The redesigned CARLI web site will go live the week of March 18.
  • The University of Rochester is unable to continue as the host of the eXtensible Catalog project after the current fiscal year. CARLI staff is in discussions with the XC staff about hosting XC.  
  • The Print PDA project will continue for FY 2014. 
  • The call for volunteers for the new CARLI committees will go out in late March.
  • The ACRL Scholarly Communications Road Show, “Scholarly Communication: From Understanding to Engagement,” will be held at Illinois Wesleyan University. Illinois Wesleyan University, Illinois State University, and CARLI will co-host the event.
  • The cover story for the February 2013 issue of C&RL News is "Fledging the Purple Parrot: A practical experience with CARLI’s Book Digitization Initiative."
  • The Program Planning Committee approved the "CARLI Digital Preservation Trainers Program." The program will be held in Champaign in July 2013.
  • The deadline for the State Library Certification Process is March 31, 2013. All CARLI libraries are required to certify in order to be in compliance with CARLI membership criteria.

Tasks Assigned

  • The Board directed CARLI staff to notify affected institutions as soon as possible about site visits to be held in FY2014, and prepare the site visit schedules and teams for Board review. 
  • The Board directed staff to prepare a proposal for budget funds to support research projects about CARLI at member institutions.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • 2013 Board meeting
    • Friday, June 7, 2013: CARLI Office
  • 2013 Executive Committee meeting (via conference call)
    • Monday, June 3, 2013