Digital Portal Information Form

CARLI maintains a collection of digital project portal pages from CARLI libraries that do not use CARLI’s installation of CONTENTdm. Portal pages are your library’s main page of digital collections, such as these from the Newberry Library, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Loyola University Chicago:

If you would like CARLI to include your digital collections portal page in our “Other Collections" section of the CARLI Digital Collections page, please fill out the following information and submit it to the CARLI Office. 

Examples of portal page names: “Digital Resources and Publications” or “SAIC Digital Libraries”
Please provide the URL of your digital portal page.

C. Platforms used for your digital collections (check all that apply). If you do not see the correct platform listed, please select "Other..." to enter additional platform information.

General description of your digital collections or digital collections portal page. Maximum 600 characters. (Examples: “The University Library currently houses several unique collections focusing on the early exploration of Illinois and the West. Collections include oral histories, letters written by settlers in Illinois, and images of life during the early 1800s.” “The Library digital portal includes over 20 collections covering topics as diverse as early Pueblo pottery, the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893, modem art exhibitions at the university’s School of Art and Performance, and even children’s pop-up books. The focus is to bring special collections owned by the library to the public at large so they may experience the unique collections the library has to offer.”
Please include any rights statement information about your collections and, at minimum, an email address or phone number users may contact to inquire about your collections.