Voyager Slow this Afternoon (Wednesday, June 17)

As many of you probably noticed, the system was extremely slow this afternoon (Wednesday, June 17) starting at around 12:30PM. We have narrowed things down to a set of Course Reserve database queries that originated through VuFind from one member library. We killed those queries at 3PM and the system recovered immediately.

We do not know exactly what is causing this yet, but we now know what to look for and which queries to kill. We will need to do more analysis on the queries before we find a permanent solution.

Brandon Gant

Additional info on the Universal Catalog outage

This morning at 2:53AM, the Universal Catalog database stopped responding. The new Oracle version has a parameter that limits the amount of data that can be written to Archive Logs to 10GB. We have increased that setting for all databases and will monitor it to see if it should be increaed further. After making that change, the Universal Catalog started working again at 8:53AM this morning.

Resolved: Oracle Issues Affecting I-Share 6/17/2015

This issue has been resolved. If you start seeing problems with holdings displays in I-Share please email

Oracle Issues Affecting I-Share 6/17/2015

This morning we are seeing Oracle issues affecting the display of holdings in I-Share. Searching is not affected. We are actively investigating this issue.

All Systems Back Online

A change made at 5PM had unintended consequences that didn't really manifest until about 7PM tonight. There were so many processes backed up waiting to run that we eventually had to take most systems offline to implement a fix.

We still have more tuning that needs to be done, but hopefully those changes will be scheduled on Sunday mornings from now on.

We have also put in place the threshold changes we were planning to make at 11PM, so there will be no need for another outage tonight.

Brandon Gant

Oracle Performance Problems

We see some serious performance problems that are affecting Voyager, VuFind, and WebVoyage.

We have started investigating and will attempt to determine the cause and stabilize the system.

I-Share Voyager Down for Software Upgrade

I-Share Voyager and its VuFind catalog interface are down this weekend (June 12-15) while CARLI staff upgrade its software to Voyager version 9.1.1 .

VuFind Maintenance this Sunday Morning (04/04)

This Sunday, April 4th between 6AM and 10AM, the VuFind service ( will experience multiple outages while we upgrade three Linux servers running the SOLR indexes and MySQL database.

If you encounter any problems after 10AM, please report them to

Brandon Gant

Voyager 9 Upgrade

Voyager (staff clients, VuFind, and WebVoyage) will be unavailable from 5PM Friday, June 12 through 8AM Monday, June 15 for a system upgrade. See the Upgrade Webpage for more detail.

VuFind Outage, Saturday, Jan 31

On Saturday, January 31st, at 11:53 AM we received reports of VuFind not responding. CARLI System Services staff investigated the problem and determined that it was due to one of VuFind's services exhausting its memory resources. More memory was added and VuFind returned to normal operation by 3:30 PM.

Todd Pavlik