Known Issue: Call slip filled by system (Due to staff override)

Known Issue: If all of the criteria explained below are met, sometimes a call slip can be filled by the system (because library staff perform an override that gives permission outside the call slip client).

Background Information:

Dropping Network Connections

This afternoon I was doing maintenance on redundant security devices. The devices are supposed to preserve network connections when one device in the pair is restarted, but I have learned that we are dropping those connections.

I am holding off on further maintenance until later tonight. I will also investigate why connections are not being preserved. I apologize for kicking you off of our servers twice this afternoon.

Brandon Gant

Voyager Reports Mini-Webinar

Each month, CARLI staff will offer a brief, mini-webinar to share tips, tricks, and techniques on generating reports from Voyager. Each webinar will provide an opportunity for questions and answers on Voyager reporting tools, such as Access and Web Reports, and on topics of broad interest, such as techniques for gathering circulation statistics or developing reports for responding to ACRL and IPEDS surveys. We’ll have information for you, and we hope you will have ideas for us as well.

Patching and Rebooting Production Servers (Mar 5th)

This Sunday, March 5th between 6AM and 10AM, Production servers will be patched and rebooted. Most servers will be back online quickly, but Voyager and Oracle will be down for about a half-hour.

Brandon Gant

UIUC Network Outage Today (Feb 24)

At around 11:42AM today (Friday, Feb 24) the UIUC campus lost their network connection between the Internet and their firewalls. The outage lasted around 11 minutes and they are currently working with their firewall vendor to determine the cause. This outage affected all UIUC campus services including CARLI servers.

Brandon Gant

Recording for First Voyager Reports Webinar Available

The recording for the first Voyager Reports Mini-Webinar, held on January 18, is now available for viewing. Those interested may find the recording and the SQL generated during the session at the Reports Webinar page.

Known Issue: Patron name did not print on Hold slip

Known Issue:  A Hold slip for an incoming I-Share item does not include the patron's name, aka the patron name field is blank on the Hold slip.

Background information: Occasionally, when the stub record for the patron is saved in the lending library's database, Voyager does not retain the patron's name in the data about the patron. The transaction itself does not appear to be affected; the patron is able to charge the item at the pick-up library.

Network Firmware Upgrades this Sunday, Jan 15

This Sunday, January 15 starting at 6:30AM, campus networking staff will be upgrading the firmware on a large number of network devices. This includes the devices in our Production Data Center. Since we have redundant routers and switches, I am not expecting any downtime during this work but I wanted to make you aware of it just in case.

Brandon Gant

Known Issue: Local charge/discharge note displays for UB items

Known Issue:  If a local item has a Charge note or a Discharge note, and a UB item with the same ITEM_ID is charged or discharged at the local library, the local item's note will display.

Replication scenario: For Library A to see this bug happen- the incoming I-Share item's ITEM_ID must match an ITEM_ID at Library A, where the Library A item has a charge/discharge note entered. The note that displays is the Library A note.

Frequently Asked Questions on Oracle 10g, ODBC, and CARLI Reports Installation

CARLI staff have encountered a number of common issues relating to the installation of Oracle ODBC clients and linking the CARLI Reports database files. If you do not find your issue listed here, please contact CARLI support.

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