System Status

No Heartbleed on CARLI Servers

The Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL has been all over the news this week. It is a serious enough problem that it even has its own website ( We scanned our systems and we did not find this problem on any of them, so there is no need to worry about changing passwords on CARLI systems at this time.

UIUC DNS Outage Today (April 4th)

The UIUC Domain Name Service (DNS) went offline at approximately 3:06PM today and campus networking staff report that it was brought back online at 3:42PM. The DNS service translates human-friendly names (i.e. into computer-friendly addresses (i.e.

Without this service, some CARLI servers are unable to lookup addresses so that they can talk to other CARLI servers. The campus Voice-over-IP phone service also was impacted by this outage which resulted in busy signals when calling our office.

RESOLVED: ILDS label problems when using Internet Explorer

The issue with Internet Explorer has been resolved. Users should now be able to create labels on the ILDS website when using the Internet Explorer browser.

SSL Certificate Expiration - Update

As of 10:00 pm on Tuesday, January 21, the SSL Certificate has been renewed and users should no longer see an "expired certificate" warning when accessing online catalogs.

Analysis of the Voyager Issues Thursday Morning (11/07/13)

Yesterday morning (Thursday, Nov 7th) at around 4:45AM, the disk space on the Voyager server reached 100% usage. All services were still online, but it prevented requests in VuFind and WebVoyage, blocked record updates in the Voyager Staff Clients, and caused other issues. Two problems combined to create this service outage:

First, a non-MARC file was manually generated to diagnose a record loading issue. An automated batch job retrieved this file and began working on it. We have modified the batch job to only retrieve files with a very specific file name structure.

Network Maintenance

Planned network maintenance may cause intermittent outages for all CARLI services from midnight until 10AM Sunday morning.

RESOLVED: November 7, 2013: WebVoyage offline and problems working in Voyager clients

As of 9:15am, CARLI Staff rebooted the Voyager server and all systems should be back online and working properly.

I-Share Voyager offline October 2, 2013, midnight-6am

The CARLI Voyager system, I-Share, will be taken offline for all libraries from midnight until 6am Wednesday, October 2, to apply an emergency fix to a database index. During the outage VuFind will be available for searching the local and union catalogs, but VuFind will not be able to display item status information, nor will it support access to patron account records or the placing of requests.

VuFind Problems on Monday 9/9/2013

Yesterday between 12:06pm and 12:40pmVuFind received many thousand requests for the same search from the same IP address.

VuFind Outage to Expand Disk

The "I-Share" portion of VuFind is going offline during the next hour so that the underlying disk volume can be expanded. "Local" catalogs will still be available.

This maintenance will allow CARLI staff to add new functionality to VuFind.

Brandon Gant