Harvesting Metadata into a Discovery Layer

Domesticating Wild Metadata: Harvesting Your Metadata into a Discovery Layer Using OAI-PMH Feeds
Margaret Heller
February 2017

Scheduled Downtime Sunday, June 26, 6AM-10AM

On Sunday, June 26, all I-Share/Voyager-related CARLI-supported systems will go offline for maintenance sometime between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM.

The length of downtime is estimated to be 30 minutes.

I-Share/Voyager services include: VuFind local catalogs, the I-Share union catalog, WebVoyage local catalogs, Z39.50, Voyager staff clients, and Voyager MS Access Reporting.  (Voyager Offline Backup Circ may be used during the downtime, if needed.)

Vu Find 3 Available for Testing

CARLI staff are pleased to announce that we now have VuFind 3 available for I-Share library staff testing and review. Please see the information below on how to access VuFind 3 and how to send us feedback about it. We look forward to hearing from you!
VuFind 3 is significantly different from VuFind 0.6 that is currently in use for I-Share libraries, and should be considered a new system, rather than an upgrade to the version of VuFind now in use with I-Share.

Emergency Maintenance Complete

All Production CARLI Linux servers have been patched and rebooted.

Brandon Gant

UIUC DNS Outage Today (April 4th)

The UIUC Domain Name Service (DNS) went offline at approximately 3:06PM today and campus networking staff report that it was brought back online at 3:42PM. The DNS service translates human-friendly names (i.e. voyager.carli.illinois.edu) into computer-friendly addresses (i.e.

Without this service, some CARLI servers are unable to lookup addresses so that they can talk to other CARLI servers. The campus Voice-over-IP phone service also was impacted by this outage which resulted in busy signals when calling our office.

New Features in the I-Share Union Catalog

The CARLI Office is pleased to announce that the new index for the I-Share union catalog is now in place. The new index supports three major enhancements to the VuFind interface:

New Format Facets in VuFind Local Catalogs

CARLI has completed reindexing of all VuFind local catalogs. The reindexing takes advantage of new data elements in RDA catalog records, and also of some previously unexploited data elements in AACR2 and older catalog records. We expect a new index for the I-Share union catalog to be ready within the next few days.

I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: May 8, 2013


Members present

Paige Weston, Jamie Bourne, Kelly Fisher (minutes taker), Paul Go, Kirk Hess, James Lefager, Rong Li, Jan Waterhouse, T.J. Lusher

Members absent

Jacob Jeremiah, Karl Pettit



The IUG will be meeting on May 10. No report otherwise.

I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: June 12, 2013


No report

CARLI Report:
VuFind – Do as much as they can by July 31st
Infrastructure for Mobile interface (Minrva) - not sure what's going on with that
Reindex 264 field & 338$a & $b
Union Catalog issues to address:

VuFind Downtime

The I-Share union catalog and the VuFind interface to I-Share libraries' local catalogs may be offline for maintenance on Sunday, August 18, between 12:01am and 10:00am.

CARLI's VuFind as an SFX Source

The VuFind interface to I-Share library OPACs can act as an SFX source for any I-Share library with a single SFX instance on the CARLI server. The following paragraphs detail where and when an SFX button will display within VuFind. VuFind is enabled as an SFX source for eligible libraries by default; to opt out of this service, send email to .

IUG with Team Chairs meeting

Annual reports from teams

CARLI office

Phone Number:     217-244-9054      (Main)
                  866-951-9521      (Toll-free)

Meeting ID:       3737
Meeting Password: 3737

Discovery Layer webinar series, 2013

In the spring of 2013 the I-Share Users' Group's OPAC Team hosted a series of four webinars at which I-Share libraries shared their experiences with discovery layer software they had implemented.

WorldCat Local in the I-Share Environment

Options for Configuring Links from SILC to I-Share OPACs


This document explores issues regarding the relationship between the SILC catalog and I-Share. After performing a search in SILC, users get a list of results. Each title in the result set lists libraries that own a copy. From the list of libraries that own copies, users can click on a link that leads to a particular library catalog. (This link is configurable.) When the holding library is an I-Share library the link by default leads to the individual library's local catalog, not to the IShare union catalog. 

I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: March 22, 2013

Members Present: Paul Go, Kirk Hess, Jan Waterhouse, Jamie Bourne, Karl Pettitt, Paige Weston, Kelly Fisher and Jacob Jeremiah


IUG Report:

[The OPAC Team met with the IUG in the morning.]

CARLI Report:

Joint IUG-OPAC Team meeting

The I-Share Users' Group will meet with its OPAC Team, at the CARLI Office in Champaign, in the morning. In the afternoon each body will meet separately.

VuFind Record Page

Fields that display on the More Details tab of the VuFind Record Page, as configured in record-html-description.xsl

OPAC Team webinar: Summon & I-Share

Description: The I-Share Users' Group's OPAC Team is pleased to host a
series of four one-hour webinars at which I-Share libraries will share
their experiences with discovery layer software they have implemented.
Discovery layer vendors will NOT be present at these sessions. The
webinars are open to staff from any CARLI member library, but will
emphasize issues related to I-Share. Please register for each webinar
separately. A maximum of 90 people may attend each webinar. The webinars