CARLI Alma & Primo VE Migration Open Office Hours

Thursday, February 6, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

CARLI is offering libraries the opportunity to learn more about the ongoing migration from Voyager to Alma and Primo VE with weekly Open Office Hours. Library staff may join the webinar to ask questions, raise concerns, and hear from CARLI and Ex Libris staff involved in the migration process.

This week, Ex Libris staff will discuss “work orders” and “work order departments” in Alma, using the binding/bindery workflow as an example of this functionality.

"A work order is an internal library request to route physical materials to a specific department for internal processing. A work order sends an item to a department (marking it as not available on the shelf), where it can be managed according to internal statuses. Departments and statuses can be configured according to a library’s local needs." [ExL Documentation]

They’ll demonstrate how to use the example work orders and departments that they’ve set up in two of CARLI's five Alma Sandboxes, so that each I-Share library can practice with, and make decisions about, configuring and using work orders at their institution.

You may view this recorded webinar from our CARLI Alma & Primo VE Office Hours webpage.