Resource Sharing Committee Meeting: March 6, 2014

Conference Call

Members Present: Susan Duncan, Jen Funk, Jeff Ridinger, Matt Ostercamp, Amanda Pippitt, Sarah McHone-Chase, Kathy Bloomberg, Sandy Harris, Dierdre Rawls

Members Absent: None

CARLI Staff Present: Debbie Campbell, Lorna Engels

Guests: None


  • CARLI Update
    • Cathy Salika retired, but not before recording a 12 part Webinar training series that will posted to the CARLI website soon.
    • Ted Schwitzner and Debbie Campbell will be the contact people for Access Reports for the time being.
    • Voyager updates are planned later this month according to Ex Libris.  The CARLI board will discuss the matter at their next meeting, and further information will be forthcoming.

Discussion and Decisions:

  • February Minutes were approved as corrected.
  • Listserv discussion topics:
    • February topic initiated some interesting discussion. 
    • Concern about Libraries keeping patron borrowing information was raised, and Debbie informed us that in April she will be sending out reminders patron confidentiality expectations within CARLI libraries.
    • Question from Committee: Are books routing to libraries other than the owning library upon return from UB loans?  Anecdotal evidence suggests that this may be happening, although Voyager evidence shows that it should not.
    • March topic will be submitted by Amanda.  “Does your library lend new and/or popular materials through I-Share?  Why or why not?  How do you decide what is considered new?
  • Open Houses
    • John A Logan (and maybe Kishwaukee as well) would like discussion questions for their presentations. 
      • Susie will come up with a sample set and send to the committee via email for discussion.
    • Current enrollment SIU/JAL – 4, UIUC – 12, NIU/KC – 9
  • White Paper
    • Jeff and Matt will move forward with formal literature review in advance of the April meeting
    • Lorna emailed an excel spreadsheet and link to the Survey results.  44 I-Share and 21 CARLI respondentd
    • Questions were raised about our thesis.  A formal one has not been written but a working one (“guiding question”) can be taken from the survey “CARLI’s strategic priorities include resource sharing, and specifically an operational/tactical priority to ‘continue and expand the options for resource sharing’(detailed here:”
  • Other Business
    • Time to start considering possible Fall events given the expanded date requirements for planning lead times
    • CARLI –eBook PDA titles will live in ResDB, and be available to all libraries.

Other Tasks Assigned:

  • March discussion list topic will be submitted by Amanda as described above.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Next meeting Thursday, April 3rd