Resource Sharing Committee Meeting: February 6, 2014

Conference Call

Members Present: Jen Funk, Jeff Ridinger, Matt Ostercamp, Amanda Pippitt, Sarah McHone-Chase, Kathy Bloomberg, Sandy Harris, Dierdre Rawls

Members Absent: Susan Duncan

CARLI Staff Present: Debbie Campbell, Lorna Engels

Guests: None


  • CARLI Update
    • New libraries are fully into UC
    • CARLI is looking for IShare Next (replacement for Voyager); instruction in newsletter for being on committee
    • Voyager 9 testing - completing 2 batch of testing by Feb. 14
  • Question about Lincoln College, Normal from ISU: Answer – Lincoln College, Normal patrons should be loaded with other Lincoln College patrons.
    • Debbie will send Jeff a report showing Lincoln-Normal patrons with ISU courtesy cards.

Discussion and Decisions:

  • Open House(s) Planning for Spring 2014: Dates:  UIU= 3/24/14; SIU/John Logan = 4/2/14; NIU/Kishwaukee= 4/9/14.
    • Libraries should be free to pick and choose what they are interested in presenting
      • UIUC will be on all ILL workflows (more than I-Share specific)
      • John Logan will be in the morning followed by lunch, and then SIU in the afternoon
      • Kishwaukee is onboard for April open house.
        • KIS will be in the morning, NIU in the afternoon.
        • Need to find lunch locations at NIU/SIU
    • Lorna/Debbie create a save the date email
    • Lorna took roll of who would attend which open house
    • We will set a maximum of 30 people per open house including committee members
    • Possible discussion topics should library tours not take full time at each institution:
      • How to notify students when items arrive
      • Dead requests
  • White paper progress:  
    • Lorna will send survey to director’s list
    • Matt and Jeff will complete literature review by end of February – comments encouraged
    • Will not actively add more articles to the bibliography at this time
  • Other business
    • Anyone looking at eRead Illinois?
      • State Library is getting started with this
      • Millikin got quote but didn’t follow up
    • Illinet Code meeting update
      • Not much to update from January
      • Next meeting will be in March and should be more interesting
    • Debbie will be drafting new I-Share best practices documents and sending out drafts for editing and feedback

Other Tasks Assigned:

  • Res-Share listserv email topic for February
    • Proposal to ask about Lanter route changes/time changes: decision- best to contact Diane Day at directly with questions.
    • Agreement to ask about ILL workflows, especially how fast/often libraries respond to requests.
      • Jen – will draft the questions and post it to the list.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Next meeting Thursday, March 6th