Webinar Presenters: Preparing to Present a CARLI Webinar in Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

CARLI staff will coordinate with you to set up a time to test your connections and assist you in learning how to use the Adobe Connect Pro software for your presentation, but please read this background information in advance.

CARLI uses Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro online meeting software.  Audio is provided via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), so you will need internal microphone and speakers or a headset with a microphone. A headset with a microphone is recommended.

CARLI staff will be available during your presentation to act as moderators and to help attendees with any technical issues in Adobe Connect Pro or the telephone connection.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro has a built-in chat box function where participants and presenters can type text to either the whole room or an individual.  Many presenters like to use the chat option to receive questions during the presentation that they then answer verbally later.  It is helpful to declare your expectations for the chat box at the outset of the webinar. CARLI staff will be available to help you moderate the activity in the chat box.

1. What equipment do I need?

In order to present a CARLI webinar with Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, you will need:

  • a computer with an Internet connection, a web browser, and Flash player (version 8 or higher)
  • an internal microphone and speakers on the computer, or a headset with microphone for VoIP audio. A headset with microphone is recommended for clarity and to help eliminate ambient noise as you speak.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro supports nearly any operating system including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris, as well as the most widely used browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Connection tests will confirm that your computer is set up properly to support your presentation.

2. How do I run the Diagnostic Tests?

The Meeting Connection Diagnostic will test your computer for the supported version of the Flash player, a clear connection to Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, bandwidth availability, and the latest version of the Adobe Connect add-in. This test can be performed at any time.

The Audio Setup Wizard will lead you through a series of steps, testing your speakers, microphone, and settings to ensure that your computer is optimized to share VoIP, but it is available only when you have logged into a webinar meeting room. The Audio Setup Wizard can be run during your “room test” with CARLI staff, or initially on your own in a generic meeting room that can be used to run the Audio Setup Wizard in advance of your presentation:

Visit the "Audio Test" meeting room.

  • To run the test, go to the “Meeting” tab in the top left hand side of the window and select “Audio Setup Wizard”.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to test speakers, microphone, and other settings.
  • Close your browser to exit the meeting

A brief tutorial about the audio setup wizard is available on the Adobe web site.

As a presenter, you will also need to install on your workstation an Adobe Connect Add-in, which has to be in place in order to have all functionality as a Presenter.  When you first log into the meeting room, CARLI staff will give you Presenter status, and a pop-up box should appear asking you to let the software install.  Say yes at the prompt, and the Add-in should install very quickly. This Add-in installation should only be needed the first time you log in using the workstation, so the pre-webinar testing with CARLI staff should take care of that and won’t have to be repeated at the time of the webinar.

3. If I have PowerPoint slides or need to give software demonstrations, how will I display them in the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro webinar?

There are two options for sharing PowerPoint slides and other documents with webinar attendees:

As the presenter, you will be able to share and project your computer’s screen and applications through the Adobe Connect Pro software. CARLI staff can upload your documents in advance to the Adobe Connect Pro meeting room where the presenter can choose to display them directly during the webinar. CARLI staff will assist you in determining which method will work best for your presentation.

Software demonstrations are accomplished using the application/screen sharing features of Adobe Connect Pro. Presenters can choose to share their whole desktop or only selected applications.

4. Is there any other information for first time Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro users?

First time users may want to view the following resource available on the Adobe web site:

Adobe Connect Visual Quick Start Guide: Participate in Adobe Connect Meetings

If you have any questions, please contact the CARLI staff member organizing your presentation, or .