VuFind Outage this Morning (July 31)

The service stopped responding this morning at around 10:30AM. The Apache web server was restarted and the service was back online at 12:10AM. I apologize for the delay in getting the system online, but a few staff are on vacation today, so troubleshooting took longer than normal.

This is the third time Apache has stopped responding on this server since we upgraded to Voyager 9.1.1. We saw this time that certain Apache processes are not being released properly and are accumulating over time. This eventually exhausts the number of web processes available on the system causing it to ignore new requests.

We don't know exactly what is causing the processes to accumulate, but we know for certain that restarting Apache clears them out of the system. To prevent future outages, we have configured the server to restart the web server every day. The restart is quick and should not disrupt user searches.

Brandon Gant