Vu Find 3 Available for Testing

CARLI staff are pleased to announce that we now have VuFind 3 available for I-Share library staff testing and review. Please see the information below on how to access VuFind 3 and how to send us feedback about it. We look forward to hearing from you!
VuFind 3 is significantly different from VuFind 0.6 that is currently in use for I-Share libraries, and should be considered a new system, rather than an upgrade to the version of VuFind now in use with I-Share.
This new version of VuFind builds on the extensive work of CARLI staff in developing the Extensible Catalog (XC) modules. By tying together VuFind, with the XC modules (XC NCIP, XC OAI, XC MST Normalization, XC MST MARC Aggregation), and Voyager services, we now have a functioning consortial VuFind 3/XC system, and we are ready for feedback that can help us define and prioritize ongoing software development on VuFind.
Please invite your library staff to look at VuFind 3 and to send their comments and suggestions to us including any software development requests that are important to your institution.
VuFind 3 can be reviewed in both the I-Share live production system and in a test environment:
This URL points to Production Voyager, so any requests or status changes are real.
This URL points to Test Voyager and is available for staff to try various request scenarios or patron account changes without affecting production.
Please send your feedback on VuFind 3 to CARLI via e-mail to As you provide comments, please focus on the following question: What additions or changes would need to be completed before our library would be ready for our students, faculty, and staff to use VuFind 3?
We will review your responses and add them to the issue tracking system for future review and consideration for enhancements and ongoing development.
CARLI's VuFind 3 development to date has focused on the functional aspects of the system (i.e., consortial search, item status, requesting) to verify that VuFind 3 communicates properly with the Extensible Catalog (XC) modules and Voyager. CARLI staff will undertake additional development work in order to enable/modify existing features and to develop new features that are important to CARLI members. We will continue to work with campus IT staffs at institutions that support Shibboleth to allow them to use Shibboleth as the authentication mechanism for students, faculty, and staff. We will also provide web page design and customization options for the VuFind 3 “look-and-feel”.
All development work will be completed within the VuFind open source framework. In order to ensure that we are able to take full advantage of new features being developed by others in the VuFind community, CARLI staff will make no changes that would block our ability to use the latest version of VuFind. Staff at CARLI libraries who are interested in writing and contributing code to VuFind for issues that are critical to their patrons are encouraged to do so.
At some point, as part of our migration to I-Share Next, VuFind 3 will replace the current VuFind 0.6 interface for I-Share. We do not know that date at this time, but libraries will be given ample notice before any required changes. Of course your library may choose to migrate to VuFind 3 prior to the required date.
We are working on a new webpage for VuFind 3 which will include information on what is new and different in VuFind 3, updates on ongoing development, and more. Please watch for a future announcement about this resource.