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Using Work Requests Online

Work Request Online (WRO) is a web-based system that I-Share libraries use to file work requests that are processed by CARLI technical staff, including customized Voyager Access queries, Oracle account applications, and batch job requests such as patron data loads or bulk import of bibliographic records. This service offers filing, updating, and tracking functionality for work requests submitted to CARLI.

Types of Work Request Types

When you add a new WRO, you need to select the appropriate Work Request Type for the task being initiated. There are currently more than 30 types of work request forms available online. Forms will continue to be added as needed. For details about what each WRO form requires, see Work Request Form and Purpose.

  • SFX UNIX File Manager Access
  • Voyager Acq 1 Order Claim/Cancel Processing
  • Voyager Acq 2 Open Orders Report
  • Voyager Acq 3 Fund Snapshot Report
  • Voyager Acq 5 Fix Exchange Rates
  • Voyager Ad Hoc (Customized) Report
  • Voyager Bulk Import
  • Voyager Bulk Import for Electronic Resources ONLY
  • Voyager Bursar Transfer
  • Voyager Cat 1 Unauthorized Subject Headings
  • Voyager Cat 2 Unauthorized Name Headings
  • Voyager Cat 3 Unauthorized Title Headings
  • Voyager Cat 4 Unauthorized Name/Title Headings
  • Voyager Cat 5 Duplicate Authorized Headings Report
  • Voyager Cat 6 See Refs with Linked Bib Records Report
  • Voyager Cat 7 See Refs Authorized in Another Authority Record Report
  • Voyager Cat 8 See Also Ref without Corresponding Authority Record Report
  • Voyager Cat 11 12 & 13 Global Heading Change
  • Voyager Circ 14 Fine/Fee Statements
  • Voyager Circ 20 Reserved Items Active Report
  • Voyager Circ 21 Reserved Items Expired Report
  • Voyager Circ 22 Missing In Transit Report
  • Voyager Circ 23 Transaction Statistics Report
  • Voyager Circ 25 Global Transaction Statistics Report
  • Voyager Circ 28 Automatic Orders for Item Distribution
  • Voyager Circ 30 Accrued Fines and Demerits
  • Voyager Circ 39 Patron Record Purge
  • Voyager Circ 40 Forgive Fines By Patron ID
  • Voyager Circ 41 Forgive Fines By Create Date
  • Voyager Circ 42 Forgive Fines By Patron Group and Expire Date
  • Voyager EDI
  • Voyager EOD
  • Voyager Fiscal Period Close
  • Voyager Oracle Account Request
  • Voyager Patron Load
  • Voyager System Administration Settings Report
  • Other (not listed above)

If the type of request you would like to file is not specifically listed, use the "Other (not listed above)" form and enter the information in the notes field.

Filing a WRO

Except for the “Other” work request type, each work request form has at least two sections/pages.

The first page is where you select the Work Request Type from the drop-down menu, select your Library Affiliation from the drop-down menu, and supply the name, email address, and phone number of the library staff member who will be the Primary Contact for the work being requested. The person filing the WRO must also enter the name, email address, and phone number of their library’s I-Share Liaison.  Both of these contacts will receive a copy of all future correspondence regarding the individual WRO.

There is also a security question at the bottom of the page, to help prevent spam in the system.  After all of these required fields have been populated, press “Next” to continue.

The second page is the body of the work request.  The different types of work requests will have different fields that must be completed, in order for the library to specify the parameters of the individual WRO.  For example, the work request type for Voyager Patron Load will ask for the name of the input file, and which field in the records should be used for de-duplication, among other options. After all fields on the second page have been populated,  press “Next” to continue.

Most WRO forms also have a third page containing a Notes field where the staff member can add any additional information about the individual WRO.

To navigate from one page of the work request to another, use the buttons at the bottom of the window ("Next" and "Back" buttons).

Submitting Your WRO

Once all information regarding the individual request has been entered into the WRO form, press the “Add New Work Request” to submit the WRO.  A confirmation will display on the screen with a summary of the content of the WRO, and an email will be generated automatically via the CARLI support system.  Future correspondence regarding any WROs is done via email reply to the ticket.

Getting Help

For assistance with WRO, .