SFX Performance

Last month UIUC migrated to our SFX server becoming our 53rd hosted customer. While focusing on the SFX server during this migration, we (the CARLI IT staff) wondered if there were any changes we could make that would improve overall performance. One of the tuning changes (virtual CPU allocation) was implemented this past Saturday and the results were mixed, but on Monday it became clear that SFX performance was getting much worse under load. We modified the settings again and rebooted the server during the lunch hour yesterday (Monday, Sept 8th). The new setting is stable so far and appears to have improved performance. We will monitor the system and back out the changes if we reach the same "tipping point" that we reached Monday morning.

I apologize for the SFX service disruption yesterday. As we continue to look for new ways to make our services perform better, we will do our best to avoid service outages.

Brandon Gant