Reports Webinar Recordings Posted for February and March

The recordings for the February and March webinars have been posted to the Voyager Reports Mini-Webinar page. Along with the videos, you’ll find SQL for some of the demonstrated queries, as well as the slides for each session. 

Staff that search the website for the webinars may also find them linked from the event notices on the calendar as well.

The next Voyager Reports Mini-Webinar will take place on Friday, April 21. The topic is still to be determined, but may be drawn from options such as using location limit groups with reports, queries for access points in bibs, blob function basics, more on snapshot queries, and possibly coming back to more ideas about revamping annual stats for institutional reporting. You may wish to discuss these or other topics further on the 'rpt-ig' Reports Interest Group list, or you may also send them to .