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I-Share WebVoyage as an SFX Source

CARLI is pleased to announce that WebVoyage, the Voyager OPAC, can now be configured as an SFX Source for I-Share libraries. CARLI has adapted code developed at Texas A & M University in order to offer this service; our thanks to TAMU. A dynamic link from the OPAC to SFX is available to any I-Share library that has a single SFX instance (whether on the CARLI SFX server or elsewhere).

An SFX “Source” is the user’s starting place. If an I-Share library chooses to configure WebVoyage as an SFX Source, then when the user begins her search in the OPAC and displays a single-record View page for a serial record, a “Seeking Full Text” image will “pulse” on the screen while a background script queries her library’s SFX KnowledgeBase. If the script finds that electronic full text is available for that serial title, the “Seeking Full Text” image will change to the library’s own SFX button. Clicking the SFX button will generate an SFX Menu comparable to the Menu generated from the SFX A-Z List. If the script does not find that electronic full text is available for the serial title, the “Seeking Full Text” image simply disappears.

Example of the “Seeking Full Text” image, when it displays on the Full View page for a serial in a local OPAC:

Seeking Full Text button example

Example of an institution’s own SFX button, which displays in the local OPAC if at least one electronic full text provider has been identified as an active Target in the institution’s SFX KnowledgeBase:

Example of custom SFX button in webvoyage

Example of an SFX Menu generated from the OpenURL built by WebVoyage and launched when the user clicks the institution’s SFX button:

SFX example menu

Technical Details

  • The script is invoked only for bibliographic records with Bibliographic Level=s. The script is invoked for any serial record, regardless of type (Type of Record=*), not just for “Language Material” (Type of Record=a).
  • The script queries the SFX KnowledgeBase by ISSN, if an ISSN is present in the Voyager record (022 $a). If no ISSN is present, the script will query the KnowledgeBase by the title (245 $a).
  • The script will recognize a match in the SFX KnowledgeBase only if a getFullTxt service is active for the object.
  • The script will recognize a match in either the institution’s local KnowledgeBase or in CARLI’s shared KnowledgeBase, if the institution’s local SFX instance is linked to the CARLI shared instance.
  • Each I-Share library OPAC can point to just one link resolver address. I-Share libraries with multiple link resolvers would need to choose one primary link resolver to which to point.

To Enable WebVoyage as an SFX Source

Send a request the  to enable this feature in your local WebVoyage OPAC. Libraries that have customized their various View buttons [Full View, Brief View, More Like This, Staff (MARC) View] may want to supply CARLI with a customized version of the “Seeking Full Text” image to coordinate.

Optional Additional SFX Configuration

Many I-Share libraries have established their local OPAC as an active SFX Target. Users whose Source was the local OPAC may not want to see the local OPAC offered on the SFX Menu as a possible Target. (In other words, libraries may want to avoid leading their users in a circle.) It is possible to establish a threshold for the OPAC Target so that it is suppressed from the SFX Menu if the OPAC was also the Source. A library’s SFX administrator can configure this threshold locally:

In SFXAdmin→Targets→LOCAL_CATALOGUE_ENDEAVOR_VOYAGER→[S]ervices→getHolding→ [E]dit→Threshold (local), enter:

GLOBAL && $obj->need('sfx.sid','ne','Endeavor:CitationServer')