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Documentation for Your Successor as SFX administrator

Template for SFX Documentation for Successors at CARLI Institutions

[University/College Name Here]


In the left-hand column are the tasks that the administrator of a new SFX instance is asked to complete. In the right-hand column are the decisions that we made at [University/College] at the time of implementation and/or other notes.

Task Examples / Notes
Have the CARLI admin at your library set you up as SFX admin You will receive a username and password from CARLI. As an admin you will be able to add, delete, or change users.
Subscribe to CARLI’s SFX email distribution list
[Example: is subscribed.]
Subscribe to the Ex Libris SFX user group list [Example: is subscribed.]
Subscribe to the Ex Libris SFX customer list [Example: is subscribed.]
Decide whether to add print journal holdings from your catalog into SFX [Example: NEIU has decided to add only the top 25 most common ILL-requested print journal titles to SFX.]
Verify the proxy information is correct; notify CARLI if it changes [Example: The current proxy string is ]
Decide on the SFX button image To see a display of the buttons in use by other CARLI libraries, see “Comparing SFX Instances on the CARLI Server” at .
Send your image to CARLI support for loading and store it locally [Example: The SFX button is available on the shared drive at _____________. The button text reads Find It @ NEIU, with the @ replaced by the SFX swirl in the graphic. ]
Decide on public Target names [Example: It is our practice to use the name of the database or vendor’s site as it appears on their website. Instead of LOCAL_CATALOGUE_VUFIND_LCL, we use NEIU Library Catalog]
Decide on which services to display in the SFX Menu [Example: The only services we activate are: getFullTxt, getSelectedFullTxt, getMessageNoFullTxt, getHolding, getDocumentDelivery, getWebService]
Decide on public Service names [Example:
- getFullTxt
“Full text is available online now in”
- getSelectedFullTxt
“Full text may be available online now in”
- getMessageNoFullTxt
“not available online now. Check if this items is available at the Library in print.”
- getHolding
“We may have a copy on the 2nd floor. Search the”
- getDocumentDelivery
“If the item is not available above, request an electronic copy through”
- getWebService
“Contact us to” (in Public Name in LOCAL_FEEDBACK Service)]
Decide what order to display services in the SFX Menu [Example: All are in the ‘Basic’ group, in this order:
Consider display logic [Example: NEIU has decided to suppress aggregators when publisher subscriptions are available.]
Develop the look-and-feel of the SFX Menu, A-Z List, and Citation Linker [Example: Whenever possible, these should follow the basic color and font schemes described in the NEIU Brand manual, available at]
Activate a DOCDEL_* target [Example: NEIU has activated the DOCDEL_ILLIAD target only with the getDocumentDelivery service active. The parser is ILLiad::DDL and the Linking Parameter $$ILLIADURL is set to]
Configure Sources [Example: CARLI recommends we do not edit Sources. Contact vendors directly or by logging into Admin areas to provide our base URL: ]
Request access to the UNIX File Manager within the web-based SFX Admin Center  See the “Menu Configuration” section of the SFX General User’s Guide for a more comprehensive listing of possible customizations.
Decide what to customize and keep a record of customizations; most libraries at least do a banner; also store any gif files in a local file Refer to Advanced users guide p.58+

[Example of documentation: UNIX customization type {Banner}, where to find it in SFX [called a-z_banner.gif in the .tmpl files,  found in the img/azlist_ver3 directory as header.gif

; where to find local file {y: TAS/Electronic Resources/SFX/Customizations}]

Establish a plan for KB updates Follow the CARLI document and assign persons to tasks; keep a record of who does what

[Example: Admin downloads text files for new objects; student converts to excel and tests in public A-Z].

[Example: Admin downloads text files for updated objects; student converts to excel then highlights jkey changes one color and threshold changes another for further investigation by admin]

Keep a list of activated targets for recording how objects are activated and customizations [Example: WILEY_ONLINE_LIBRARY_JOURNALS, Indv Subs, AutoActive=NO, AutoUpdate=checked, UseProxy=always checked]
[Example: WILEY_ONLINE_LIBRARY_STM_2010, Aggregator, AutoActive=yes, UseProxy=always checked]

Additional information can be found at:

Post-Training Checklist for SFX Implementation

SFX Administrators Series: Procedural Lessons