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CARLI Recommendations for Libraries that Activate the DOCDEL_LOCAL Target

last updated March 15, 2016

The DOCDEL_LOCAL target in SFX is intended to accept bibliographic metadata from an OpenURL, to collect personal data from the user, and then to email the combined data to a library address, as an interlibrary loan request. For more information about the target, see the SFX Target and Alma E-Collection Configuration Target Configuration manual, pages 45-51.

ExLibris expects that any library that activates this target will customize both the docdel.cgi file (the "behavior" of the program) and the docdel.tmpl file (the "look" of the form the user fills out). CARLI staff have some specific recommendations about the customizations to be made:

  1. In the docdel.cgi, remove all personal information fields that are not strictly necessary for purposes of an ILL transaction. (That is, minimize the amount of personal information that must or might be emailed, since email is inherently insecure.)
    Note: as delivered from ExLibris, the "Document Delivery Service" form that the user fills out prompted the user to enter a User Name and a Password. CARLI staff have modified the default form so that it prompts instead for "Your Name" and "Library Borrower ID." Libraries can of course change these labels to something different, as appropriate to their institution. CARLI's aim was simply to prevent insecure emailing of data like passwords, which should be protected at all times.
  2. In the docdel.cgi, define the alternate $email_replyto as some email address appropriate to your institution. This is the address to which your replies will go if the user fails to supply her own email address. CARLI has set the default address to "," but this should be changed. (You might want to consider making the "sender" field required, so that replies will always go to an email address the user has specified.)
  3. In the docdel.tmpl, add a statement to the user, to display on the form she completes, to explain "what happens next" and perhaps how long it will take. At a minimum, users who complete the form with personal information should understand that what they fill in will be emailed to a library staff member. If appropriate, libraries should provide a link to their institution's privacy policy.

Other changes to the presentation of the docdel target within SFX are at the library's discretion. Note that what the SFX Target Configuration manual says in relation to "SFX Help" staff applies also to CARLI User Services staff: neither "SFX Help" nor "CARLI Support" can provide support for locally customized files. "If you are not conversant with HTML and cgi scripting, please obtain local help and leave sufficient time for experimentation and correction of your files."